Saturday, March 20, 2010

What Would St. Paul Do?


Senior Pastor of Victory Baptist Church, Valrico

Dear Reverend: I request that you take an interest in the moral situation involved in the candidacy of Jennifer Falliero for the Hillsborough County School Board.

I believe Ms. Falliero is Valrico's board member and that her immoral behavior while on the board is the responsibility of the churches in her district to review and act on.

I am not Baptist. I belong to the Episcopal Church. But I know Baptist mores because much of my family in Georgia, where I was born, is Baptist. I have often attended my family's Baptist churches when I go home. I know all the songs. I know the doxology. I know that the preacher sooner or later is going to get around to assuring me that I am going to hell.

I know that we have separation of church and state. But when it comes to an immoral woman put in charge of our children's education, including their ethical education, I believe the church has a vital role.

I know the women in the Baptist churches of my home town in Georgia would not put up with Ms. Falliero's indecent behavior and let her continue on the school board without protest. They would converge, discuss, plan, and act.

So will the women in the Valrico Baptist churches if you will let them know about the problem.

Anybody can see the case against Ms. Falliero's moral leadership at my blog

I write satire. I do in my essay on Falliero. I was a college professor for 28 years and learned the technique from Juvenal, Aristophanes, and Swift.

Don't leave the church's women out of any discussion you have on this issue. They are likely to be more perspicacious and leaderly than the men in a case of this sort of problem.

The men may lack the courage to do something about it, but the women won't. They will be ruthless for the children's sake. They might, for example, suggest that the women's auxiliaries of the church hold a seminar for board candidates and opponents to discuss the moral dimensions of service on the school board. I would drive from Madeira Beach to hear and drag my husband of almost 55 years.

My family lived for twenty years in South Tampa's old section of Beach Park. Our four children went to Grady, Coleman, and Plant. We still have a grandson who goes to Plant in the fall.

My career was as educator. Schools deeply concern me. So I have to do what I can to combat this problem of immorality in the school board tolerated by not only other board members as well as the administration. The board voted Ms. Falliero in as chair despite knowing of her immorality.

This alert to you and your membership is one of the things I do to improve the leadership of the schools.

Ms. Falliero has two opponents in the board race: a druggist from Valrico, I think it is, and a former Hillsborough County school principal. I know nothing about their candidacies except their names and addresses on the Supervisor of Elections Web site. Neither could be as morally corrupt as Ms. Falliero is my view. So I hope one of them wins the seat away from the pernicious influence of Ms. Falliero.

Ms. Falliero, incredibly enough, claims to be a born-again Christian.

With prayerful hopes, I remain


lee drury de cesare

15316 Gulf boulevard 802

Madeira Beach, Fl 33707


Vox Populi said...

the retired principal made me feel hopeful but then he stated firmly that he supported the bill gate's initiative. Which is an initiativce for selective education which is all that bill gate's is about. So, he can't be that great. Sad lot. Still, probably better than polegirl jen.

Anonymous said...

More on maryEllen.

Do you spose she fancies herself to be like sueEllen of the tv drama "dallas" fame??

Anonymous said...

Elia's neighbor took pictures of the tin roof structure she built to show how she is doing construction without a permit. Elia thinks she is above the rules, so she wanted to do work on her house without filing any permits. When caught, she tried to imply that her neighbor is a stalker for taking pictures.

Elia's house is the ugliest house on the street and you would think with the money she makes she could fix it up better instead of just putting a tin roof on the back. This is someone who has absolutely no sense of style or taste. You can take the person out of the slums but not the slums out of the person.