Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Thank You, Jesus

Me. White: A reader alerted me to your school-board candidacy. Hurrah that you are running against Falliero. All three candidates are bad, but Falliero is the worst. She is morally corrupt and a rubberstamp for Elia's skullduggery.

I am afraid that the druggist running against Falliero does not have the courage to expose the seedier items of Fallieres's board behavior and to cite in plain language all her adventures in ROSSAC to unseat her. I also pray you are not an administration plant.

Go to to read my profile on Falliero. I have one on April Griffin as well and will have Candy Olson's up shortly.

I was a college teacher for 28 years before retiring and became interested in the school board when Ms. Elia used the Professional Standards office to ensnare a friend on a cooked-up charge. I have observed the board and administration for over two years and have caught on to all the rackets in ROSSAC. I began by reading all the boxes of files in the Doug Erwin Whistleblower case when Dr. Lennard and his thugs on the board and in the administration tried to make people think he was crazy and in their desperation when that failed tried to fire Erwin and deprive him of his pension.

The denizens there continue to be a bunch of thugs that have kidnapped the public school system with all boards' complicity. The voters need just one gutsy person to speak out to get elected and who will speak out once he gets on the board.

Good luck.

lee drury de cesare

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