Thursday, March 25, 2010

The War on Teachers Continues

From a reader: Today they were at Alexander Elementary School in Hillsborough County, my old Nemesis.

They were blathering on about how "young vibrant, new teachers" are being disserviced by tenure and the old tired dinosaur teachers and unions and how we oldies stand in the way of progress.

They kept citing Charter Schools as doing better than regular public schools without mentioning that Charter schools can kick your child's butt out if they don't behave and send them back to the "regular public schools".

They were really slamming experienced teachers and unions as the problems for lousy student performance and graduation rates. It was horrible. Young teachers & no union or tenure = good older, more experienced teachers & union or tenure + bad and the problem.

Our profession is singularly the most publicly accepted age discrimination attack going on and the American public buys into it. Older teachers are experienced!

Also, why not reduce full retirement to 20 years instead of the 30 years? All the other public service employees are 20 years. This would "solve" the old teachers problem. I am so disgusted. Try and find it or ask for a copy of Morning Joe on March 25, 2010. It is awful.

Please pass this on.

Anybody who reads Jennifer Falliero's comments to Tom Marshall in the Times can tell she can't wait to use the Microsoft grant to kick teachers out.

My experience as a union leader was that what the administration wanted was deferential, maleable, dumb teachers and wanted to get rid of self-respecting, strong, smart teachers. Young teachers are easier to manage and to cow than experienced teachers.

Nobody argues with a straight face that a young brain surgeon who has done the minimum number of procedures is the one you want to operate on a member of your family instead of an experienced brain surgeon who has done hundreds of procedures; but the administration teacher haters want to argue that experienced teachers are bad teachers and that inexperienced ones are good teachers.

Nonsense. That's the kind of twaddle that comes out of the administration. Those characters don't argue that old board members are bad and new ones would be good or that old administrators are bad and that young ones would be good. That formula would empty ROSSAC and leave the board seats empty.

Now that's not a bad vision to have.

How dumb do they think people are? Probably as dumb as they are. lee


Anonymous said...

Just wait until Florida schools are filled with new, young teachers. There will be ZERO classroom control and if there is no control, there will be no learning. Florida's test scores will go straight in the crapper. These legislators have no clue.

Anonymous said...

They're doing it on purpose. Cindy Benitez used to be the principal at alexander elementary. then she died mysteriously while in contention for the seat that chief major sergeant von brunn elia maryElllen eventually won.
HMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM It's a FILTHY, EVIL plan NOT stupidity or an accident. Read America's Secret Establishment. It gets to the plan to dumb down education very quickly.