Saturday, March 27, 2010

The Pole Girl Must Be Accountable for Her Actions During Her Board Tenure


Ms. Falliero:

I recall your saying that you are a born-again Christian.

I also recall that you mounted a movement to report gay children's belonging to a gay-tolerance club in school to their parents despite the well-known fact that far too many parents kick their gay children out in the street to fend for themselves when the parents suspect they are gay.

Fortunately, the audience that attended that discussion way outnumbered the gay bigots whose champion you were in this ugly episode that exposed you as homophobic. Gay children are human beings too and deserve a board member's protection, not punishment.

I was particularly proud of the students who came to speak out against your wish to punish gay children in the schools. Thank God for the open minds of the young.

I recall that you opposed sex education that was not abstinence only in the schools, a malignant comparison with your own sexual misbehavior. My recollection also is that you also opposed the teaching of Darwin's Theory of Evolution in school science classes.

You are obliged to tell voters of the above features of your belief system that you bring to the job of board member.

You are also obliged to let voters know that in your comments to Times reporter Marshall, you implied you would enthusiastically use the Gates grant money to get rid of teachers. I infer those are the ones who speak out about the negative, clumsy leadership of the board and upper administration beginning with Ms. Elia.

You would augment with Gates-supported programs the Professional Standards a teacher-only punishment system twinned with the Gates grant anti-teacher measures to further mistreat teachers is my inference.

Most of all, you need to confirm your adulterous behavior spanning two complicit administrations. Voters need to know that you initiated the affair with Community Relations head Marc Hart, that this affair contributed to his divorce, injuring his two young children, ones' grades falling, the other's physical illness exacerbating, and that your affair reputedly caused your own divorce, injuring your two daughters.

Such behavior, I believe, is not representative of a person's moral status that comports with sitting on a school board in charge of setting the moral atmosphere for students.

You should also acknowledge that you conspired with the head of security to kick me out of the board meeting because I tried to bring up in the meeting your sexual misbehavior on school property.

You should let voters know as well that you had such a vague understanding of the First Amendment that Mr. Gonzalez had to give you a diluted version of it so that you would begin to comprehend the Constitution that you swore to uphold when you were sworn into your office. Explain to the voters how you could uphold a concept that is at the heart of democracy if you did not understand it. That kind of civic stupidity is not acceptable on a school board.

Tell them also that you wrote a letter to the Times editor saying that the paper should employ a person 24-7 to screen out letters from people who criticized the school board and administration. You discussed this letter on the board dais, apparently having no concept that it violated free speech. None of your complicit board members corrected you and pointed out that you advocated the abrogation of the First Amendment. They, apparently, would like to shut down free speech too when it comes to citizens' right to critique the board and adminstration's behavior that thwarts the Constitution.

Explain to voters also that you had to get help from the Community Service personnel to compose this letter to the Times, your writing skills being so anemic.

You owe voters an acknowledgement and an explanation of your stand these areas.

Don't try to slip back into office for four more years with such contaminated leadership on the school board as your four-year incumbency has already demonstrated.

Voters have the right to know how you stand on these issues that I cite above.

Especially do the voters in your church's congregation need to know what you believe to be the right conduct of a board member when the community's children's welfare is at stake--just as the Pope's worldwide congregation need to know he has covered up pedophilia to protect the church's image and did not care one bit about the torture of children by pedophiliac priests.

The board, the board attorney, Ms. Elia et al have covered up your behavior so that voters won't know your real character and how unsuited it is for a school board member. All the other members of the board unanimously voted you chair after they knew of your adulterous history on school property. That malignant vote shows in what low regard they hold the office of board member.

I look forward to your response. I will print it in full.

I would like to know your religious affiliation and your home church. I want to alert the pastor of your beliefs and conduct so that he can do what is possible to counsel you. Your adultery spanned two administrations--Dr. Lennard's and Ms. Elia's. So they were not interested in banning your conduct on school property--just in covering it up. They could have filed an ethics charge with the state against you had your adultery violated their concept of appropriate board-member ethical behavior.

I think the congregation of your church should unite to learn your thinking on the above areas: perhaps as a body the congregation's prayer groups, etc. could influence your recovery and conversion to decent conduct by a member in their midst's being a Hillsborough County board member but having the above belief system and behavior patterns that mitigate against this status. You should not be a board member again. You are not fit for the office.

To repeat: I would be glad to publish on any responses you send me to the above comments.

lee drury de cesare

15316 Gulf Blvd. 802

Madeira Beach, Fl 33708

c: all members Hillsborough County Legislative Delegation
All Members Children's Board of Hillsborough County
All members of School Board and Selected Members of ROSSAC administration


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