Monday, March 22, 2010

I Have Begun To Bring the Clergy into the Conversation: Why Should They Preach Ethics in the Abstract and Not React to Ethics in the Schools?

Elia's Dog Tiny: He Lives in the House with the Tin Roof. Sit, Tiny, Sit. Good Boy. Now Roll Over. Too Fat to Roll Over? Want To Be the School Board's Mascot, Mr. Tiny? They Are Too Fat To Roll Over Too.


The reason for this failure of the Hillsborough County School Board's to deal with the issue of childhood obesity is vanity and shame of board members' about their own obesity problem. Their vanity comes before the students' welfare.

All board members are overweight except Jennifer Falliero. She has more serious moral problems such as engaging on school grounds in an adulterous relationship with a married administrator with two young children. This adulterous affair led to his firing to protect Ms. Falliero's "reputation, " really her re-electability because she is a sure vote for Ms. Elia's secretly arrived at and out-of-the-sunshine agenda. The other board members all condoned school-board adulterous behavior in the school environment by voting Falliero in as board chair. They, in effect, all approved her adultery as a school board member and ignored its contamination of the schools' moral environment by such flagrant behavior.

That board members' obesity problems are preventing a school program dealing with childhood obesity is shameful. The response is selfish and irresponsible. The board should begin obesity prevention programs in the schools and join themselves. They should show up at schools to lead walkathons on the track fields. They should curtail their attendance at pig-out government-paid luncheons and banquets and exercise instead. They should consider the wellbeing of students for a benign change instead of the self-indulgence that has marked their incumbencies.

Lee Drury De Cesare

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