Sunday, December 06, 2009


Thanksgiving: Only my son, Leo, his wife and two children are not yet arrived. My computer brain, Isaiah, sits beside me.

I am still unable to receive email; I have asked Linda Cobbe to send me the April Griffin info by snail mails. lee


Anonymous said...

Hey Lee

The teachers of Hillsborough Co are so pumped about buying in to the Gates grant nonsense that Dr. David Steele, the Hillsborough Co. Administrator of the program, has had to resort to offering a $50.00 payoff (bonus) to anyone who will volunteer to join up.

Maybe the teachers of this district are finally getting smart and realizing that this grant is going to ruin them.

Anonymous said...

The Gates grant probably is some sneaky attempt to get more PCs into the schools and get kids hooked on PCs. No one ever gives anyone anything for free. Bill Gates has something up his sleeve. All the millions he has made are not enough. He needs more, more, greedy. Must be a damn Republican!

Vox Populi said...

Good looking bunch !!