Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Putting an Ugly Rumor to Sleep


Dear Minions of the Light:

I have had a call with inside data on the rumor that April Griffin was fired for impersonating an administrator and had an affair with Marc Hart, the usual suspect in the schools' affair department. The role is better than being the official toe fetishist for K12.

It cheers me to tell you that there was no affair. Griffin did work under Hart and was in line for a permanent position, but her hiring was frowned upon by Dr. You're Your Hamilton, so Ms. Griffin resigned.

My guess is that the old goat didn't like April because she did not make eyes at him, and he knew she is friends with Angie and Patrick Manteiga of La Gaceta.

I believe this informant, who has not lied to me in the past. So let's put this rumor to sleep.

I am still knee deep in computer problems. I now struggle with Cisco techs to find out if the router I bought from the company is misprogrammed. Lordy Lord. lee


Vox Populi said...

That's good to know. Now back to planning her course in COMPORTMENT and ASSERTIVENESS.
Does she realize she could become world famous if she would only stand up to them and stand WITH the people? The world hungers for that type of REAL genuineness and passion for children's education. NOT SELECTIVE but for all children of every one of us.

Anonymous said...

Another vox....

Agreed!!! Somehow, the real April Griffin got lost--or trampled--- or brainwashed. I certainly hope she finds herself, again. That's the kind of members we MUST have on the SB for our children to have a chance--to learn, to grow, to think, to graduate and continue a life they want and is valuable to society. Being the outsider has been no picnic, I'm sure. However, now is the time to stand back up and get back to what people (teachers AND parents)eleected her to do!