Thursday, December 10, 2009

DDDe Profundis

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of the lIGHT:

I have responded to the Secretary of Education about the cover up of the board and administration's evading the adult part of the bullying law so that teachers can't use it against administration abuse of them. He had a staff member answer for him, the coward.

I can't get the email transferred to my blog for all to read but am workng on it.

Steve Heggarty was the amanuensis liar who wrote the pack of lies to the Secretary of Education. That twit makes over a hundred thousand dollars a year to lie for the board and administration.

To add to my woes, some Chinese guy hawking Viagra in Chinese has picked my blog to load with Chinese blog ads for curing erectile dysfunction, and all the faces on my desktop have turned green.

I will add that the Marc Hart divorce deposition reveals that Jennifer Flowers was an element in his divorce saga in its later stages but that he had filed for a divorce a year before his affair with the Pole Girl began. It is quite certain that this affair avidly pursued by La Jennifer destroyed her own marriage. So I guess that I will have to revise my usual home-wrecker label of La Jennifer to Contributing Home Wrecker. We want to stay on the right side of truth. We don't have to exaggerate. The ROSSAC Mafia's behavior is bad enough on its own to stand unadorned with its plain horror to repel all who have even a smidge of ethics. lee

And David, I believe you are sneaking comments under Anonymous. What happened to your old bravado of signing your name? I see you have reverted to potty diction. Cut that, or I will not publish your sneaky Anonymous entries. You misused "who-whom" in your last email signed Anonymous. Abusing grammar is worse than being a potty mouth. Lee


Anonymous said...

is she a high school teacher? OH MY GOD PLEASE FIND OUT. I know a flowers who is a hs teacher. I would so laugh my ass off if it was this slut. Please please please pla;fjdaplkfjajfda;s find out.

Anonymous said...

John D. is Candy's gay husband whom she caught in bed with Bart Birdsall!

Vox Populi said...

lee do you want me to come over and kick the ass of your computer??? I so will.
Interestingly enough the Brighthouse conspiracy arrived at my computer today too. And I was forced to kick their .... traces over.
You can call me paranoied and all that but paranoia is perfect awareness and it is kinda illuminating that we both had brighthouse issues at the same time. St pete college hates us because we won't let their bookstore thieve from people. SPT has a VERY big relationship with BHOUSE.
There headed for a class-action lawsuit if they pull any more crap on me.

Anonymous said...

Uh, he wishes that were true. I have never begged for someone's leftovers.

Vox Populi said...

Bart!! LMAO !!!!!
I thought the same thing. L M A O.
Glad I saw this comment. Got a good laugh...

Anonymous said...

Lee...I hate to admit this, but, I do read your blog weekly.

If I read your implied assertion correctly, I would never atack a board member in a personal manner.

Unlike you, who has atacked all manner of board members and staff personally, that is not my M.O. While you have more verabal energy than anyone I'll ever know, I certainly have more professional integrity than you will ever enjoy.

I do not do anonymous!

Dave Schmidt

John__D said...

No, I do not wish that that were true, Bart.

You seem comfortable with those who use homosexuality as a snide insult.

Anonymous said...

Well, Dave, what kind of professional integrity keeps you backing up crooked administrators? Why would you want to knock Lee down for fighting for the underdog who has no power?