Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Nail Them Before Election: They Become Non Communicado After They Get into Office

Gentle readers, if you are going to send a campaign contribution, now's the time to do it. Even $25 puts you in the database.

I have sent what I have left over from Bergdorf Goodman's to Sink. She had the Siamese twins in her family. I think that is quirky and fun. McCollum calls the legislation to give health care to the 40 million who don't have it "socialism." The guy's all heart.

If you are not scared to, tell these pols that you request that they pledge to clean up the corruption in the Hillsborough County schools. No body will kill you if you do this. I will ask Mr. and Mrs. Irwin to come down from Georgia and be the stars of a fundraiser for your lawyer
's deposit and put you in touch with the best First Amendment lawyer in town. He and I belong to Phi Beta Kappa's Bay Area Chapter. lee


Dear Ms. Sink and Mr. McCollum:

You are top contenders in the governor's race.

Politicians make promises during campaigns that they never fulfill. They especially indulge in gaseous statements about how important the schools are and how they will support the schools.

After observing the Hillsborough County schools for two years after the administration and board manufactured a Professional Standards charge against my gay friend Bart Bartsell, I have become something of an expert on board and administration corruption past and present.

I outline these in enclosed letters to Mr. Mueller, director of the FBI, my congressman, Bill Young, Senator Charles Grassley, patron saint of whistleblowers, Arne Duncan, secretary of education, and Ms. Obama, the husband of whose presidential bid I supported early.

Citizens should not have to listen to pious false promises made by gubernatorial candidates about what reverence they have for teachers, students, schools, etc but that, once elected, the governor ignores.

A citizen should not have to appeal to the FBI to clean up the graft and corruption in Florida's local schools. In Hillsborough County schools according to my inferences from two years' observation of the board and administration, the two chief areas of corruption that need cleaning up are the illegal hiring racket of the board and administration and the savaging of teachers and trashing teachers' and citizens' free-speech rights.

Carol Kurdell, now board chair, confiscates my requests to address board agenda items clearly marked for citizen comment because the board and administration don't like what I say.

The school attorney, Tom Gonzalez, sits mute during this Constitutional shutdown of a citizen's Constitlutional right to approach elected officials for redress of grieviences. He also supports no-bid contracts because he got one from Dr. Lennard with no competition.

The board and administration keep teachers terrified and mute for fear of losing their jobs so that board and administration can continue power hegemony over money and hiring as well as other perquisites of office. A board member recently spent $50,000 in a single year on travel to pick up gimcrack awards in the incestuous award system in which school districts laud each other for their faux virtues.

I request that you provide specific pledges in plain English about what you, Ms. Sink, and you, Mr. McCollum, will do as governor to clean up the corruption of school board and administration in Hillsborough County, especially in hiring and shutting down teachers' and citizsens' free-speech rights.

I was a college English professor for 28 years and am skilled in the forensics of political piffle. So pray say plainly what you will do to take care of this problem. If you plan to continue business as usual, say that. Be honest so that I can make a judgment about whom to support and vote for for governor.


Lee Drury De Cesare

15316 Gulf Boulevard 802

Madeira Beach, FL 33708



c: Patrick Manteiga

Paul Tash


Anonymous said...

Lee, I was James McClelland's son-in-law from April 2006 until June 2009. I could finally no longer stand-by and watch these criminals get away with everything. I did work on James's farm for over a year and had no idea of the scope of his crimes until I read your blog. I was married to his daughter Lisa McClelland Whidden and have a son with her. I have discovered through much research and dogged determination that the McClelland clan are nothing more than a bunch of sociopaths if not down right psychopaths. As I read the bogus cover-up report Tom Gonzalez commissioned I was in awe of allegation #4. How could the investigators not know or discover during the investigation that the "Sergio" they could not find is actually a known drug dealer and violent criminal named Sergio Gonzalez (what irony that he shares his sir name with Tom. Maybe they are related). Sergio has been arrested by Hills. Co SO many times and is easy to find on the HCSO web site under arrest inquiries. He is also James' daughter Tracy McClelland's (murdered in 2007- Tampa) son Sergio Jr.'s father. Apparently the investigation was more about covering up for the illegal contracts awarded to Earl Lennard's brother-in-law using the tried and true no bid award activities than conducting a real investigation. As I've been told James and Earl go way back and when the original investigation was in full swing James let Earl know that "If I go down you're goin' with me Earl". Sounds like the good ole boy system was working it's magic as is all to common with this corrupt bunch. The McClelland clan are most surely a criminal gang and I believe a RICO case should be brought for fraud in many areas. There is at this time a fraud investigation underway targeting Lisa and her sinister mother Janice Garvin. Janice was James's partner in crime from the start and the two continue their crimes today. The problem is they keep getting away with it. Is there justice in Hillsborough County or the State of Florida any more? The answer is a resounding NO, there certainly is not!

Vox Populi said...

See this is what I was afraid of. EVEN JAX AND MIAMI are not far enough removed (fbi wise) or possibly even MORE corrupt. These sinister bastards laugh at us because the only people we have to turn to ARE THEM.

Sdwhid said...

Lee. I posted the comment mentioning my ex-wife Lisa Mcclelland Whidden, James McClelland's daughter posted on October 6. I am appealing to you on behalf of my 3 year old son to please remove Lisa's full from my post as in hind sight I would never want my son's life damaged by the crimes of his Grandparents. If you could just remove her last name I would be eternally grateful. I love my son with all my heart and just want to protect him. Thank you in advance. Steve Whidden