Sunday, October 04, 2009

Knock on Every Door

The Senate Judiciary Committee Convenes to Debate Escatology

Senator Charles Grassley
Senate Judiciary Committee
Washington, DC 20500

Dear Senator Grassley:

I read online about your sharp questioning of FBI director Mueller regarding possible FBI tampering to emasculate a stronger whistleblower bill.

Mr. Hoover could not have given a more evasive performance than did Mr. Mueller. You have done well to demand more candid responses to your questions from the Justice Department. If I have my hierarchy straight, the Justice Department is Mr. Mueller's boss.

I have sent an appeal to Mr. Mueller to have the FBI investigate corruption in the Hillsborough County school system. In the early Nineties, whistleblower Doug Erwin received sadistic board-and-administration punishment for reporting to them about the graft and crime in the Hillsborough County schools. Instead of investigating the possible crimes, the board and administration tried to cover up the complaint by convincing people Mr. Erwin was crazy and crafting a campaign to fire him and deprive him of his pension. Three of the board, which cooperated in the savaging of Mr. Erwin, still occupy board seats.

Mr. Erwin finally gave up on people with whom he had worked for thirty years, filed and won a whistleblower lawsuit, received a $165,000 settlement, and taxpayers ponied up settlement payment for board and administration crime. Mr. Erwin and his wife fled to Georgia to distance themselves from the horror of that experience.

Nobody got punished, for criminal behavior and vicious treatment of Mr. Erwin to cover the crimes up. This fact has left this crime's DNA rampant in subsequent administrations and boards. They continue crime in various ways.

I enclose a plea to Mr. Mueller to have the FBI investigate corruption in the Hillsborough County schools. My conviction is that the kinds of crooked things the board and administration in Hillsborough County do to retain control of the tax money that pours in via student head count and the power and prestige of the positions that money buys in administration bloated salaries and community eclat are endemic in the whole country's schools, not just those in Hillsborough County.

If the FBI documented the practices in Hillsborough County's schools, it would act as model for the rest of the nation.

Since I am a species of citizen whistleblower, I hope you will urge Mr. Mueller or his boss at Justice to have the branch office of the FBI investigate my charge of corruption in the Hillsborough County schools.

I believe it was the Judiciary Committee that submitted the request to the Supreme Court to force Mr. Nixon to give up the tapes. You all must comprise a powerful and revered group in the Congress with great political heft.-

Your biography says that you are a farmer. I came from a Georgia farming family on my mother's side and a timber and turpentine family on my father's side. I return every year to our family reunions at the little church and cemetery with our Civil War dead in the back of it that my father's family established in the 1800s, I argue with my clan about politics and eat fried chicken at the tribe's dinner on the grounds. My Georgia family is all Republicans due to Mr. Nixon's Southern Strategy I infer. I tell them to hand in their Social Security and Medicaid cards when they inveigh against the Public Option of the pending health-care bill because it is "socialism." They gang up on me with the accusation that I am "one of them liberals that is ruining the country." I am glad I escaped from these dear bigots when I was young to become a college professor and a Democrat.

Please heed this request. Its results would bear fruit nationwide.


(Ms.) Lee Drury De Cesare
15316 Gulf Boulevard 802
Madeira Beach, FL 33708

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