Monday, October 05, 2009

Hit the Public-information Jackpot

From: Linda Cobbe []
Sent: Monday, October 05, 2009 10:24 AM
To: lee de cesare
Subject: Re: public information: third request

It's the second link under Important Links. Also, Ellyn Smith is on special assignment in Divisional Program Services. She earns $44.56 per hour, which is the same rate she earned as principal.

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"lee de cesare" <> writes:

Where is the bullying policy? Is it on the Web?

My bad math says Ms. Smith, former Alafia principal, makes about $58,000 year. Why should she get a principal salary in this make-work position for a job she couldn't do? Don't beginning teachers make $33,000 a year? Doesn't this cast some doubt on the board's "saving every penny of taxpayer money" as Susan Valdez of the $50,000 travel budget opines from the podium every time she gets the chance to zap us with another hypocritical cliche?

Smith's is another administrative featherbedding slot in an economic downturn. lee

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