Saturday, June 06, 2009

When in Doubt, Pull Yourself Up to Your CRT Screen

Linda, is the Steve Kemp case officially over since Mr. Kemp's blog says that he saw his name on a teacher schedule with a class-room assignment for the fall but has not received any official notification? If so, update us: who notified him and when was he notified that the end of his case had arrived and that he should appear in such-and-such classroom for teaching duty? It sounds to me that Linda Kipley's list of duties implies that she notifies the person in question.

This case's written history should now be available to the public. May I have a copy?

I would like to have a public-information copy of Linda Kipley's application for the job of head of Professional Standards. I want also the ad for this job and its venues of publication. I request as well the applications of the unsuccessful candidates. I would like the name of the person who made the final decision to hire Ms. Kipley. I will pay for copies of the requested information.



Anonymous said...

Linda Kipley got the job without having to go through an application process. Linda Cobbe is snippy, because you are asking questions she can not put a spin on. Both Lindas have no ethics or morals.

Anonymous said...

How could theboard &/or Elia &/or Kipley hold Steve Kemp in a room for an entire school year without any formal charges? Where did you find anything in writing?

Thanks for all your efforts--we're too busy trying to keep up with Springbored.And we have only four more years... I can't tell you how my seniors enjoyed flinging their books (consumable) into the recycling bin. I'm sure they would've enjoyed flinging any school book...but this was really a sight to see!