Friday, June 05, 2009

A Grain a Day Makes the Rock Go Away

Somebody wrote me that Linda Kipley got her job in an unorthodox manner. Somebody who knows about this rumor and is fairly certain that he or she has the case down cold, let me know what happened. lee

Ms. Kurdell: I mistakenly thought you were blocking my emails when I had made an error on your address.

I include a file below that I don't think you got because I had your address wrong. I think you will be interested in reading that I commend your chair expertise.

I don't commend anything else.

I am allergic to pages of symbols such as email. It reminds me of the shudder I experience when I see a page of calculus. If I had had a secretary, I could have been somebody.

I have had the experience of having my email shut down at HCC when I was trying to rally the faculty and career employees there to fight the firing of the old book store women by the administration so that its heartless minions could bring in a Barnes & Noble contractor. The women would not have been able to get anything but minimum-wage jobs with no health insurance, and one had just had brain surgery for a balance problem.

I got the state to have HCC reopen my emails. We saved the women's jobs.

I apologize for the-shutdown mistake. lee drury de cesare

Linda, Postscript:

Several readers have pointed out that I got the Kurdell address wrong. So scratch the Kurdell email item request. But be sure to put it in your file labeled "Lee De Cesare Is a Crazy Old Lady." ldd

PS One reader wrote that you got your job in an unorthodox manner. I have to chase this rumor down. lee

I won't need Ms. Kipley's emails now that I understand the context of her receiving my charges.

She would have and been more professional had she written to me in February when she received my charges to say that she had received them but could not accept them for the reasons you stated. Her response to me when I asked for the disposition of the charges was disingenuous to put the kindest construction on it. It was misleading to put a stricter reading of it.

I think Ms. Kipley was trying to mislead me. I think this is template response to anyone's trying to get a straight answer from the administration. I don't know how the administration came to believe this is the way to deal with the public, but it's plain that this plan to fool it, not inform it, is extant for some perverse reason. ldd

-----Original Message-----
From: Linda Cobbe []
Sent: Friday, June 05, 2009 1:28 PM
To: lee
Cc: Ken Otero; Dan Valdez; Lewis Brinson; Gretchen Saunders; Wynne Tye; Cathy Valdes; Connie Milito; David Steele; Gwendolyn Luney; Stephen Hegarty; Candy Olson; Carol Kurdell; Jack Lamb; MaryEllen Elia; Susan Valdes; April Griffin; Doretha Edgecomb;;; Alice Loeb; David Schmidt; Steven Eichhorn; Steve Vanoer; Stephanie Tamargo;; Michael Smith;; Mike Phillips; Charles Fleming; Nancy Lind; Henry Washington;; Henry Ballard; Karine Johns;;; Richard Parrish;;;;;;;
Subject: Re: The Steve Kemp case and Public Information Regarding It

Lee - I will assume that you sent the email below before reading the response I sent to you earlier on Tuesday. Linda Kipley never denied receiving an email from you demanding an investigation. However, there was never an investigation based on your email, nor will there be one based on the one below. I stated the reasons in Tuesday's email.

I have submitted your request for Linda Kipley's emails for the entire month of February, Mrs. Elia's job description, and the final report on Steve Kemp's investigation.

Mrs. Kipley's emails often contain confidential information, so the hundreds she received in February will have to be reviewed and confidential information will have to be redacted. Those activities will take time, for which you will be charged the hourly rate of the lowest paid employee capable of performing the work. It will take several hours to complete, so you will be facing significant charges. I will give you an estimate before anyone does any work on this part.

I must point out that you have already received the advertisement that was used in the superintendent search, which includes the job's requirements. You can also look at the policy manual online for policies and procedures related to duties of the superintendent. If there is an actual job description, I will send it to you.

Linda E. Cobbe

External Communications Manager

Hillsborough County Public Schools

901 E. Kennedy Blvd.

Tampa, FL 33602

813-272-4602 (O)

813-493-6964 (C)

813-272-4510 (F)

Our mission is to provide an education that enables each student to excel as a successful and responsible citizen

Linda, June 9th is the next board meeting. I still have not gotten from your office the description of the scope and purpose of the Professional Standards Office, from where the citation of these data emanates (Secretary of Education?), and Ms. Kipley's job description.

Please send those so I can review them before the board meeting. And pray answer this question separately: What is the procedure outlined in the Professional Standards literature that is the official document for the administration and board which cites the procedure for terminating a charge against a teacher such as Steve Kemp and what is the procedure outlined in the official literature for notifying him of the administration and board's decision in his case?

The administration nor board has notified Kemp that he rejoins the faculty in the fall I read on his blog. He happened to run across his name in the schedule for the fall and saw that an administrative fiat had assigned him a job.

This is a slipshod way of processing the grave charge of child abuse against a teacher. It sounds as though the administration is trying to evade revealing that it made a grave error in this case and has egg on its face.
It is not professional behavior to charge a teacher with child abuse, keep him on suspension for a year with no communication to him of the progress of his case, and then without notification slip him into the following fall's schedule to avoid admitting the administration and board messed up in this instance of trying to coerce a teacher into shutting down his education blog from fear of losing his job after the sheriff had long since threw the child-abuse charge out.

Another problem that I believe comes within your jurisdiction is that I get back no-delivery notices from Ms. Kurdell's emails that I send to the whole board.

Please tell Ms. Kurdell for me, or forward her this email, that in a democracy it is unacceptable for the chair of the governing board to block citizens' communications. Thank you.


Kurdell block message:
This Message was undeliverable due to the following reason: Your message was not delivered because the destination computer was not found. Carefully check that it was spelled correctly and try sending it again if there were any mistakes. It is also possible that a network problem caused this situation, so if you are sure the address is correct you might want to try to send it again. If the problem continues, contact your friendly system administrator. Host sdhc.k12.fl not found. The following recipients did not receive this message:
The following websites may contain more information to assist you: Please do not reply to this message, as it will go to an unread mailbox


Anonymous said...

Ask Linda Cobbe if she and Kipley will meet you face to face and answer all your questions in a meeting with press there. If they have nothing to hide, they would do this. They will never do this because they are liars and unethical people. They know they will not be able to answer your questions. A school district or any organization, for that matter, does not need a publicity department, if things are running correctly. You only need a publicity department if people are crooked, lying through their teeth, and committing criminal behavior. Linda Cobbe is helping to dazzle and blind taxpayers. That makes her part of the criminal team. She holds out her hand for the taxpayer money when it is time to get paid, but she doesn't give you the answers she should according to the law.

Anonymous said...

Wait till this idiot Cobbe has a child or relative or friend kicked in the gut by Elia and her goons! Cobbe will be running to you to help. She is that "Yes, master" type who kisses butt to get ahead and thinks that people who get in trouble simply didn't know how to play the game. One of these days the idiot will learn that people like Elia pick and choose who to kick and it is the luck of the draw. If Cobbe is ever chosen she'll see how wrong she was to side with administration. She was probably one of the idiots who sat in the front row of a classroom nodding to everything a teacher said so she would get a good grade.

Anonymous said...

Don't let Cobbe get snippy with you. A loser like that who covers up administrative crimes has no right to get snippy with you!

Anonymous said...

That bitch Cobbe needs to shut the hell up. Everyone in ROSSAC knows how she got her job!

Anonymous said...

You are right about Linda Cobbe trying to use a snide innuendo that you are a crazy, old lady. She is probably mad at you, because her job is to make the school district look good, and you are uncovering all the dirt that she is trying to sweep under the rug. If she had any integrity she would get another job instead of working to help fool taxpayers that they are getting their money's worth when they are not.

Suzie Creamcheese said...


Your message wasn't blocked, rather the address was incomplete. It should have been

You dropped the ".us" - there is a political joke in there but I thought better.

Anonymous said...

"Carefully check that it was spelled correctly and try sending it again if there were any mistakes."

"Host sdhc.k12.fl [sic] not found."

The host "" seems to get found all right, yet the email address you use for Carol (without ".us") gets blocked.

I know your proofing is poor, but are you truly unable to work this one out? Can you please stop spreading the "blocking my email" lie?


twinkobie said...

I think the message above is from AntiGrammarGrinch. He misses me. He has a granny fetish. Go to therapy, AntiGrammargrinch. You should have as idols girls your age: 15.

You are right about my not having a talent for small chores such as proofing. I am a global thinker. I think big thoughts about big things. I bet you are a good proofer. You think little thoughts about little things.

Love and kisses from Granny Lee

Anonymous said...

I bet that comment was left by Linda Cobbe herself. Judging from her comments to you she is looking for moments to give jabs, but she tries not to be confrontational. Only when she has had it with you does she start making jabs. That is passive aggressive. She's jealous of your ability to do as you please. In contrast she has to kiss butt all day, all week, all year. That type of person is bitter. She probably never colored outside of a line in a coloring book. She sat in the front row in class and got A's. Secretly she is jealous of those who act up and say what they want. She never will. She'll kiss butt her whole life long.

Anonymous said...

You are right about my not having a talent for small chores such as proofing. I am a global thinker. I think big thoughts about big things. I bet you are a good proofer. You think little thoughts about little things.

This from she who has a blog dedicated to picking on people's comma misuse and grammar errors. Wow! What were all the big thinkers doing while you were thinking small and picking on their punctuation?