Thursday, June 11, 2009

Sherlock Holmes Rides Again

Ms. Linda Cobbe:

Am I to understand that you have discovered no written evidence for having claimed in an email to me that I nor, by inference, any other citizen has "standing" to file a Professional Standards charge although the Secretary of Education's Professional Practice site does not cite this or any other limitation?

Does your baseless, made-up impediment mean that no citizen complaint gets standing to be investigated or that only mine gets this treatment?

Did one of your superiors tell you to say that I had no "standing" to file a Professional Standards charge, or did you manufacture this false impediment to a citizen's filing charges yourself?

If you expect your superiors at the administration or the School Board to come to your defense, you are naive, indeed. They are interested only in rescuing themselves and are willing to throw any number of underlings under the bus to save their hides. That you have not discovered this fact after years in ROSSAC bespeaks your naivete.

Do you stand by your statement and still affirm that I have no standing to file despite your not being able to cite a written ruling to that effect either in ROSSAC's literature or that of the Secretary of State?

Do you believe that it is reasonable for me to believe that you "do not seek the truth" in this matter as you accused me of not doing in a previous email?

Do you refuse to apologize for your manufacturing Professional Standards "rules" that don't exist to thwart my attempt to file charges against administrators Smiley, Sosa, and Morris?

Pray let me have your answers interpolated after the questions. I want to be definitive when I appeal to the state authorities who trump the ROSSAC administration and School Board in this matter.

lee drury de cesare

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John__D said...

>I need also to know where you got your information that I do not have "standing" to file a Professional Standards charge. The written material you sent me does not mention such impediment.

The Secretary of State's Web site's Professional Practices Section says otherwise. The Education Secretary's language suggests anybody who knows of child abuse should report it.<

You write youself "anybody who knows". Perhaps Kipley writes that you have no standing because she believes that you don't actually know.

What evidence do you have for Kipley that demonstrates that you know of abuse as opposed to "kind-of know", "think it could have", or "heard that it happened"?