Friday, June 12, 2009

Child and Teacher Abuse by the Baord

Minions of the Light:

Read below the sadistic treatment of Goader by the board, the Professional Standards home-ec director, Mr. Valdez, Ms. Elia, and the entire indifferent board regarding the dwindling path of the false charge against him for child abuse.

At the last board meeting, the board was mewling over the especially picked show-and-tell children they had summoned for their TV show of how much they cared for children. Meanwhile, they are savaging the children's teachers in every possible way. The treatment of Goader's case is a primie facie example of board brutality toward the teachers who teach the children they moon over on TV to fool the voters about their dedication to education.

I am going up the command tree of the state authroities to nail the board for its dereliction of duty on this matter. If the state doesn't fix it, we move on to the national authorities, starting with the national Secretary of Education.l lee

The item below was posted by the man that Lee has talked about. It was posted on May 31 on his blog. He doesn't seem to have been told what was going on "months ago" as Tom Gonzalez and Dan Valdez said at the last board meeting. This is confusing, and I believe someone is not telling the truth.

When will you all open your eyes and realize that the people you seem to trust are not trustworthy, in my opinion?

Since the police dropped this man's case long ago, and he was left hanging all school year long, I think someone owes him a letter explaining what transpired. To tell you the truth, I think the district owes him an apology as it owes me one too. I know that is too much to ask for, so he should at the very least get a letter stating what happened and the resolution. That is the decent thing to do. You all should be outraged that a teacher could be mistreated like this. It could have been a relative of yours. No one should ever have to go through this sort of thing. Read his blog entry below and compare with what Tom Gonzalez said. Read one of the comments that the man in question makes to Lee when she comments on his blog. He makes the comment on June 2nd. That is not "some months ago" as Gonzalez claims. I believe that the man in question should file a bar ethics charge against Gonzalez. I feel and believe that Tom Gonzalez lied to me, and now he may have lied about this man. The school board attorney should not be unethical, which I believe him to be.

I shouldn't be, but I am shocked.....absolutely shocked how this man was treated, and I am even more shocked that you all allowed it to go on and simply believe what you are told by Gonzalez. I think Gonzalez is going to leave the school board wide open to lawsuits, if he continues to act in his reckless and, in my opinion, lying manner.

If each of you doesn't make sure this man gets a letter resolving his case, I frankly don't know how you can live with yourselves.

So Long: Felony Pt17 (The End)
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It has been an entire academic year plus the better part of last summer that I have been in limbo wondering what was next. It was July 2 of last year that I was abruptly ordered to go home banned from any public school campus. It was a long drive home as it always had been—35 miles one-way.
I had been home for an hour or so when the deputy sheriff investigating the case called me on my cell phone. He told me the district attorney was not going to file any charges against me. Even though I was sure no crime had been committed, it was a relief anyway to here the news. It was potentially a serious charge: felony child abuse.

Since law enforcement considered the case unfounded and closed, I assumed any other investigations by would swiftly come to the same conclusion.
At least it was summer, plenty of time to join the rest of my colleagues in August with this all behind me—or so I thought. Little did I know I would be sitting here, almost a year later, still under its cloud.
I am happy to say, though, that it is all but cleared up as I write this. All the investigations have been completed—finally water under the bridge. I was wondering if I would ever write those words.

As of this writing, I have a teaching assignment for next year at a new school—Hallelujah! It is the position I wanted at a school half the driving distance from my last school.

The end to this saga appeared a few weeks ago when I happened to be looking through the teacher pool list and my name was on it. The words “pool 2” were next to my name and that meant I was destined to get any scraps left over from the first pool. I made it known I was none too pleased with such a scenario and waited to be placed in the first pool.
It turns out it didn’t matter because I was to be administratively placed in a position at a school. That meant I didn’t have to deal with either of the pools.

I found a couple of jobs that appeared on the district vacancy list and wondered if I would get one of them. I got the call a couple of days ago and as fate would have it, I was offered the one I wanted. Did I already say Hallelujah?

Why was it so long? I honestly don’t know.

Goader on June 2nd, 2009 5:52 pm


No, I received nothing that gave the disposition of my case. I happened to be looking through the list of teachers in the pool and found my name. This happened last week. I notified my CTA representative and Monday I was offered a position. It’s rather undramatic.


Thomas Vaughan said...

It seems odd to me that Steve Kemp hasn't spoken up for his rights. They may get away with the "standing" argument with you but why doesn't he make the case for child abuse?

Very odd unless you consider the possibility that the man is simply grateful to be getting his job back and doesn't want to rock the boat.

twinkobie said...

It's always a wonder to me that teachers put up with the sadistic treatment the board and administration hand out to them.

The supine posture of the teachers is the reason the board and administration show such disrespect for them and not only continue the bad treatment but make it even worse as time goes on. The board and administration have gotten away with this racket for so long that they feel they are invulnerable.

I think that's what the French court and nobles thought before the French people turned on them. I hope there is a tipping point somewhere for the teachers as there was for the French common people.

Meanwhile, I do what I can. Education is holy in my book: too holy to let the likes of Elia, the board, and the other ROSSAC thugs besmirch it. Lee