Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Just As I Thought: Lies, Lies, and More Lies

Ms. Cobbe: I cannot find on the three pages of Professional Standaards literature you emailed me any reference to a "standing-to- report-abuse" requirement to file a charge with the Professional Standards office.

Pray tell me where you got that information. Did you manufacture it yourself, or did some other administrator such as Ms. Elia or Mr. Valdez verbally give you the information without a written source?

Since I could not locate the "standing" criterion in your offering, I checked with the Secretary of Education's Web site under the Professional Standards Committee. It cites no "standing" criterion for a person's reporting child abuse but says each complaint will get serious attention. It did not say that it would pretend it did not get the complaint and ignore the charge as Ms. Kipley's office probably with instructions from above did.

I consider the negligence of the three people against whom I filed Professional Standards charges child abuse. They put teacher Steve Kemp into a classroom with severely retarded children as substitute when he lacked training to care for them since his area of professional expertise is teaching reading to slow learners.

The three supervisory personnel gave him no orientation for the assignment as all their job descriptions require.

A photograph shows that the classroom was a storage room that contained junk stashed against the walls that could have fallen and injured the children, especially these children who tried to explore the junk when they ran around trying to discover a way to get out of the room.

I am astonished that a member of the administration would cite imaginary criteria for Professional Standards charges. The state site does not cite any standing-to-file criteria. The Hillsborough Count School Board is not allowed to make up its own. If you have a "standing" data file, pray send it to me for review.

In the absence of such, I consider my charge mishandled by people the citizens of Florida pay salaries to do more competent jobs than this situation illustrates. Four months have elapsed since I filed the charge that Ms. Kipley ignored whether under her own volition or instructions from Ms. Elia I don't know. But it is a valid charge filed in a timely fashion that is four months overdue for investigation. I demand that it be investigated and a report issued by Ms. Kipley. I also want the report that she should have issued on Steve Kemp's charge filed by the administrators and Ms. Elia or whoever instigated sending Mr. Smiley to the Sheriff's Department to file the child-abuse felony charge against Mr. Kemp.

Ms. Kipley: Please email me that you have received my charge in February and still have not investigated it but will begin to do so immediately.

If not, I can appeal to the state authorities to review this slipshod manner of evading Professional Standards charges against administrators.

The teachers are charged with any little thing with violation of Professional Standards. The administration either exaggerates or cooks up cases to keep teachers terrified of their jobs' loss. I doubt that your office has ever filed a charge against cozened administrators. Let mine be a benign exception to this invidious rule. I expect an answer to this request.

Southern Poverty Law Center:

Southern Law Center Legal Division of Extant Cases:

The attachment shows how slovenly is the care of severely retarded children in the Hillsborough County schools and how administrators' complicity and cover-up of their part in the louche care afforded these children is endemic to a broken system of ignoring the needs of special-needs children. Please add these data to your NAACP-sponsored case against the Hillsborough County School Board for its negligence in caring for special-needs

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Anonymous said...

We should all file complaints with the State of Florida. The entire school board, the Superintendent, and administration are doing a terrible job by lying, cheating, misusing taxpayer dollars. This is child neglect and abuse, since they are not making sure that children in Hillsborough get a good education. All of them need to be fired! They are all child abusers!