Wednesday, June 10, 2009

The Ground Skirmishes To Defend Democracy Begin

Ms. Cobbe: The schools are supposed to retain other applicants' files in all hirings. If there were none, then you should state that. I don' know whether you refer to my request for your hiring or Ms. Kipley's. I requested and still want both.

Also, I need an official answer to whether Steve Kemp's case is officially closed and who the "lawyers" are whom Mr. Gonzalez referred to last night as closing the case. Ms. Kipley's comments on the Professional Standards procedure is says a person may ask for the report at the end of the case. I should like to have that as public information.

I asked Ms. Kipley to reinstate my Professional Standards case against the three supervisors involved in the child-abuse special-ed case that stemmed from charges of child abuse against Mr. Kemp. I want a yes or a no on that query from her office.

I need also to know where you got your information that I do not have "standing" to file a Professional Standards charge. The written material you sent me does not mention such impediment.

The Secretary of State's Web site's Professional Practices Section says otherwise. The Education Secretary's language suggests anybody who knows of child abuse should report it.

I am concerned, Ms. Cobbe, about your suitability for this job of providing citizens with public information if you distort or make it up or amend data in any way as appears to be the case in this "standing" claim for one to file Professional Standards charges. The public needs a person of impeccable honesty to do the job you do. I had no reason to doubt that's being the case until this instance emerged. Your only fault was foot-dragging on requests, and that is not an ethical flaw. I can deal with that by repeated requests. I cannot fight lying in the person who occupies your job. That flaw is not acceptable in a person in your position of trust.

If I discover that you cooked the record on one's right and ability to file a Professional Standards charge, I will employ all the means in my considerable grasp to see that you get the punishment you deserve for betraying democracy and your allegiance to the good of the public to have straight information.

And here's an employment tip that I picked up during my 77 years on the planet, having worked as a grocery clerk, airline stewardess when one had to have either a nursing degree or bachelor's degree to qualify, registered nurse, and college professor. Government bureaucrats don't get to lecture the public and impugn its members' morals and ethics as you did in an email to me in which you questioned my ability to arrive at truth. When I was nursing, if a psychiatric patient threw his food at me and called me gutter names, I did not throw food back at him and call him gutter names. Such conduct in a professional is not acceptable, be it registered nurse or public bureaucrat.

Conduct in your case such as insults you included in an email to me and other acts of sub rosa insult over time are not professional.
No sophisticated company would hire you to do public relations if this information came to its attention. A person's sophistication as an employee not involved in digging ditches or picking tomatores requires more judgment and restraint that that. Only in the fens and bogs of civility that obtain in ROSSAC would one get away with this conduct. ROSSAC is an uncivilized entity in the midst of the Bay Area's civic life. And the public subsidizes it without knowing this fact.

The big piece of information you need to keep in mind is that in a democracy, a citizen has a no-holds-barred right to criticize his or her government. Check this out with Mr. Gonzalez. He mauls data in other instances, but he will confirm a citizen's right to lace into its government I warrant. He just gave Ms. Falliero tutoring in that area. I do my government critiques in standard English, although I sometimes wish that I had Mr. Klutho's talents for bellicose diction and rough syntax.

Keep to your place in the scheme of things in mind and trim your conduct to its configuration is my advice.

If I find that you have misinformed me on "standing," I shall file a Professional Standards charge against you and expect Ms. Kipley to process the charge and give me a written report which I can accept or challenge, using the resources of the state government apparatus.

Yours may be the first Professional Standards charge that Ms. Kipley has ever processed against an administrator, so you will set a benign precedent that says the Professional Standards apparatus is for democratic use for both teachers and administrators. Heretofore, it appears to have punished only teachers with mostly Rossac-manufactured charges to terrorize them that they will lose their jobs or to act as a warning to the whole teacher family of the schools that its members would do well never to challenge the administration and board on the slightest thing. The Alafia Smith principal case acts primie facie in this invidious practice.

If you have skewed the record about standing to file a Professional Standards charge and apologize to this citizen for doing so at her expense, I will accept that apology, not file charges, and expect that you henceforth to guard your impulse to make up data to buttress your insults to elderly, infirm, and feeble citizens such as I. You will emerge from this experience as a sadder but a wiser young woman if you follow this course.

Lee Drury De Cesare

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