Wednesday, April 15, 2009

The Devil Made Me Do That

I sent this to Senator Storms after my urging her to vote against Senate Bill 1212 to build a railroad around Disney World when so many other needs that affect so many more needy people need attending to. Take the time to write your legislators.

My husband was mayor of our little town for twelve years: he says a letter has the most impact on an elected official. Emails don't count as heavily.

But write no matter what mode you take. You can never tell when your communication may be the one that tips the balance in favor of better legislation. lee

From: lee DeCesare []
Sent: Thursday, April 16, 2009 12:38 PM
Subject: RE: Senator Ronda Storms received your e-mail

Senator Storms: This is a good response letter. I hope you do what you say you do. I am a Democrat: my husband is a Republican. Our representative is Bill Young. He has the best staff for citizen response bar none. Constituent service means a lot to people. Legislators who pay attention to voters' letters show they are in government to help people, not to prance around to blow up their egos.

I hope you pay attention to the Hillsborough County School Board. It is a shame to have such uninformed people sit on the most important board there is: it controls our children's and grandchildren's education. The board and administration have the same mentality as it had when Dr. Lennard and his thugs savaged Mr. Doug Erwin in the early 90s for his discovering theft, bid rigging, and shoddy building from developers. They tried to fire him and deprive him of his pension. Thank God he won his whistleblower law suit against them. Ms. Elia makes $300,000 a year and a beginning teacher makes $34,000. There is something radically wrong with that equation. I think the funding formula needs changing. I think that the Senate could enact changes that would make it impossible to pay school administrators bloated salaries and teachers peanuts.

lee drury de cesare

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Do you know what has happened to Steve Kemp ? The man is a wonder-- we need to continue to givfe him out support and encouragement. Is he STILL in the equivalent of the rubber room? It has been TEN months!! The school year is almost over!!!!!

If he has hired an attorney to sue the School Board and friend, please tell me where I can contribute to a fund. Thanks for everything you do--I was over at Madeira for Spring Break-- I could be quite content chilling out on the beach if I was you!!!!

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Steve seems OK, quite feisty, in fact. I got an email from him today.
He still has his blog, a good sign. As long as he keeps his blog he hangs on to his humanity. He was tagged with child abuse to scare him into giving up that blot.

I don't think the administration will fire him now no matter how long they keep him on paid leave. To do their dirty deeds, the administration requires it to hidden, and the Kemp case is now too hot to hide.

In addition, I have a feeling the board may turn on the administration if it tries to fire him. That move would make the board look too bad with the voters.

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