Monday, December 22, 2008

The Mail Bag Was Smoking This Morning

Here’s rebellion against punctuation as I sit down to the CRT screen with my morning coffee. And rebellion against criticizing bad punctuation gets a whack as well. And my approval of Casting-room-couch readers gets a sneer. And to top it off, two comma errors adorn the vitriol. My friend Jesus made Mean-mouth Anonymous do that.

This fellow must be Ziggy’s best bud. Good. Ziggy needs a soul mate who can’t wrestle commas to the ground.

Don’t think I shall give up my comma weapon fellows. It’s more effective than Buffalo Bill’s carbine, and you’re in the cross-hairs. lee

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Sent: Monday, December 22, 2008 7:58 AM
Subject: [Lee Drury De Cesare's Casting-Room Couch] New comment on The Moon Is in Its Bring-Out-the-Dopey-Twits Phase....

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "The Moon Is in Its Bring-Out-the-Dopey-Twits Phase...":

[No one posting to this blog is trying to get anything from Lee, so how is that brown nosing.]

Well, Anon, I didn’t try to get anything from the administration. I didn’t agree with the opinions of the administration either. How, then, would I be a brown noser? Or was the poster who labelled me as such lacking in vocabulary as well?

I would, however, suggest that many of you want – and get - Lee’s approval. All the poorly punctuated claptrap (such as your question without a question mark, cretin) is posted without correction when you agree with Lee, yet poor old Ziggy is lumbered in with all the NYT journos, Elia, etc., who can’t use a comma and whom Lee deems illiterate.

[You don’t have “personal choices” in where to put punctuation, Sugarbritches. You either put the commas in the right place, or you are illiterate.]

Wow, woman, you’re as bad as Bush. “Do things American or we’ll bomb the crap out of y’all!” Colour, modelling, metre – all wrong Comma and I’m illiterate, I suppose.

Oh, and what you meant to write was one of these:

You either put the commas in the right place or are illiterate.

Either you put the commas in the right place COMMA or you are illiterate.

(Ziggy, a lot of illiterate people F-word up this "either" thing.)

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Anonymous said...

Ziggy and his friend don't get it.

They are splitting hairs trying to fight Lee while unconcerned that the school board and top level school officials rob the taxpayers blind.

Why doesn't Ziggy and his friend comment on that? Instead they are lusting after a fight with Lee for whatever reason.

Ziggy said...

I, too, have noticed that you only criticize the grammar of those who oppose you. Why do your supporters get a free pass?

And why haven't you allowed my comment concerning your degree being obsolete if everybody knew everything there was to know about English? Is it because you know I'm right and you can't think of a counterargument?

Well, in case there was a technical mishap, here it is again:

"Your thinking seems to run to details. Mine's on the big picture."

Ha. Ha ha ha. Ha ha ha ha ha. Sorry, but I couldn't help laughing when you accused ME of focusing on details. That was the most hypocritical remark I have ever heard in my life. Seriously.

Yeah, criticizing every little quotation placement, sentence fragment, and capitalization error is really focusing on the big picture...

Let me ask you this: You seem to maintain some sort of superiority over others just because you know all the rules of the English language. And your degree is in English, is it not? So if everyone had the knowledge of English that you have, then wouldn't your degree be obsolete? Would you have had a job at HCC if every college student was a master of rhetoric? In other words, if advanced English rules were supposed to be common knowledge, then what would be the purpose of your degree?