Tuesday, December 23, 2008

It's a Pile-on by the Minions of the Darkness in the Fens and Bogs of Seffner

Another of my grammar combatants rises from the crypt. Do visit his (I am sure it is a guy) site Antigrammargrinch to see the hilarious collated picture he has of me. It’s a masterpiece. My hat’s off to this guy who hates my guts for some reason buried in his psyche probably in the sad scenes that accompany all childhoods according to Uncle Freud.

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Subject: [Lee Drury De Cesare's Casting-Room Couch] New comment on Bye, Bye, Master Ziggy.

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "Bye, Bye, Master Ziggy":

>Why doesn't [sic] Ziggy and his friend comment on that? Instead they are lusting after a fight with Lee for whatever reason.< This quote above comes from a reader. You can pick on me when I nod off on grammar and punctuation; but lay off my readers. Critiquing their writing is unfair. They have not signed up for the grammar tussle as you have.

Probably for the same reason I don't comment on it. The preceding is a fragment, sugarbritches, a grammar felony. I find it more offensive that Lee picks and chooses whom she bullies with her grammar and punctuation pedantry. She won't mention that you should have written "Why don't Ziggy and his friend comment on that?" because you are one of her little pets.

I have no idea who this reader is, so I can’t make her or him a little pet for lack of knowledge whether he or she is pet material.

She'll correct her detractors for a couple of missing commas while refusing to comment on how illiterate she is with her either/or error.

You don’t cite a correlative either-or error because you don’t know what you are talking about.

Post your comments here if you like, Ziggy, although you won't be a man in Lee's eyes until you start a blog of your own. No, you have my criteria for manhood or womanhood wrong when it comes to school blogs.

A real man or woman must take a deep breath and post names on blogs. When you post your name on your blog comments, you become a Knight of the Blog Wars. However, if you do put your John Henry to your comments on the schools, get ready to occupy the get-this-guy-or-gal list that Les Elia and Kipley keep in the Professional Standards hell hole. Ms. Elia doesn’t like criticism. It makes her bonkers. She would have never lasted thirty minutes in the thrust-and-slash of a faculty lounge of any college or university.

La Elia is obsessed with getting good publicity. She hasn’t realized until recently how important blogs are in the press glosses she gets. She hasn’t noticed that the print press is dying as I predicted fifteen years ago and that blogs are replacing it. Now the board members have begun to criticize the blogs as it has slowly dawned on them that blogs are powerful and set up a contrast to the spin that the ROSSAC puts out to the voters to keep them lulled into the idea that the schools run by the ROSSAC crooks are wonderful places for their children and grandchildren to attend school.

Jenifer Pole Girl Falliero has even demanded of the St. Pete Times that it require every blogger to sign his or her real name to blog posts.

A special-ed teacher named Steve Kemp who has a blog that is sometimes critical of the schools and whom Elia had thus tagged for firing in the Professional Standards archives just got suspended for the cooked-up charge of child abuse of a special-ed child. That charge is false. I soon shall write a blog entry that shows it’s the special-ed supervisors who deserve Professional Standards charges with suspension and investigation. I will blog on this fraud against Steve the minute that I get information I requested via citizens’ right to see any written material and emails under the freedom-of-information act.

I not only correct grammar and punctuation when the tactic I suits my purpose, I also fight the firing of teachers who get targeted for speaking their mind about the administration and putting their names to their opinions. La Pole Girl has recently demanded that the Times put a staffer on this job around the clock. Nobody ever said the Pole Girl smashes into the upper reaches of the Stanford Binet. She had to get help from the Professional Standards office for editing her letter to the editor. That’s the quality of people who sit on school boards and dictate the educational destinies of our children and grandchildren. That fact can offer no comfort to people who have observed the doings of the Kattzenjammer outfit of small-time mess-ups who occupy the potted-plant slots on the board.

“Ziggy” is not Ziggy’s real name. I suspect he works for the schools in some capacity—probably a math teacher. When Ziggy comes out of the closet and puts his name to his comments, he will have reached real manhood. Same rule goes for women.

I shall preside over Ziggy’s knighting ceremonies in the lobby of ROSSAC with open invitation to one and all of the Minions of the Light. Lee, head crone of the Minions of the Light

Here's where this guy has cooked up the body-parts picture of me. It's a hoot.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for all you do for teachers, parents, students and the district. Have a MERRY CHRISTMAS and let's hold out hope for a "NEW" Year!