Wednesday, February 20, 2008

From: lee de cesare []Sent: Wednesday, February 20, 2008 12:51 PM To: '' Cc: ''; ''; ''; ''; ''; ''; 'carol.kurdell''; ''; ''; ''; ''; ''; ''; ''; 'Gene Siudut'

Subject: public information

Mr. Officer Friedberg, sirrah:

I would like the written description of the procedure you invoked last evening at the school board to escort me off the premises and threaten me with arrest.

Could you also inform me what your relationship is with Ms. Faliero? She has conducted an unorthodox relationship with a married male administrator before on school
property. I trust there is no romance involved in your relationship with board chair La Belle Dame sans Merci as I refer to her and that it is chastely professional. I expect impeccable behavior from a police officer even when menaced by a La Belle Dame sans Merci.

The administration fired this poor guy Marc Hart to protect Ms. Falliero's pro-administration vote on the board is my analysis. He is divorced now as a result of his relationship with Ms. Faliero, who, he told me initiated it, hanging out in the Public Affairs Office until she almost became a fixture, claiming she needed Mr. Hart's "mentoring." Now after the school administration fired him, he can't get a job, and his two young children suffer both psychologically and financially. For this homewrecking by your cohort in sandbagging me, I have no respect for her due to this cruel diversion of hers. I wager she would do worse things than plan with the security officer an attack on a voter who comes to the school board to speak to elected officials, an absolute Constitutional right that neither Les Belle Dames sans Merci or security officers assisting them in spiteful retaliation against a voter can take away.

I trust that your relationship is professional with Ms. Falliero. I question that it is professional, however, because I got the distinct impression from the looks you exchanged that you and Ms. Falliero had set up the confrontation joint attack on me: her at the mike discovering an "out-of-order" piece of behavior that my conduct did not exhibit; you standing in wait inside the board room at the end of the aisle to pounce on me "to conduct you off the premises"; to lecture me in the foyer; and to menace me with arrest.

The reason that I think Ms. Falliero engineered this little abuse agitprop involving my civil rights was that she's angry for my exposing her school-based adultery with Marc Hart. He got fired to protect her pro-administration stance on most issues.

And La Belle Dame sans Mercie remains the board chair and uses the position to try to get back at the person who exposed her: me.
Her board colleagues and Ms. Elia are also ticked off at me for pushing the schools to do such things as use equal employment opportunity procedures in hiring instead of the patronage of unqualified pals and toadies that Ms. Elia has heretofore enjoyed. Now I have the possibility that the main security officer is colluding with a board member to menace me.

Tell me, officer, sir, if you were taking a deposition, would you swear that you and Ms. Falliero did not make prior arrangements for the ambush of me? I do not say you conducted a tryst in your office or elsewhere. I say merely that it occurs to me that you two had a strategy meeting of some species to plan the ambush of the wicked Lee De Cesare, who exposed La Faliero's school-based adultery.

Would you also swear, sir, that you have only a professional relationship with Ms. Falliero, not a personal one?

And would you swear as well that no other board members besides Faliero or administrators beside you were involved in your ambush of me for exercising my First Amendment rights to address the board of a public body?

Finally, in your deposition would you swear that Board Attorney Tom Gonzalez gave you no counsel on your ambush of me?

Since taxpayers pay your salary, you should be willing to satisfy my need for information about your and Ms. Falliero's oddly collusive conduct.

I shall ask for your personnel file to review. I want to check the accuracy of your invoking 23 years in the service. Oddly enough, there are people who claim to be Congressional Medal of Honor recipients when they were chicken hawks and get away with it because nobody checks their claims.

I also want to see what other credentials you do or do not have. I am especially interested whether you have a history of menacing elderly grandmothers of ten who ask elected officials for information about the school board and whom you collude with the chair to menace such innocuous and innocent little old ladies who are going about their civic business without the expectation of being accosted and threatened by an eight-foot bald specimen such as you, sir.

Lee Drury De Cesare

To Linda Cobbe, Public Affairs

Thank you. I want to see Officer personnel file along with Mr. Marc Hutek's at the next board meeting. I will try to make it by 2. Also, do you have copy or could you get me one of the procedure that includes causes for removing a citizen from the premises and threatening her with arrest? Officer Freidberg said needed no such procedure whe he menaced me after I gave my comments at the board after which Faliero called me "out of order."

Is Officer Friedberg liable for his behavior to Professional Standards, or is he as an administrator exempt for review of his conduct no matter how inappropriate it be?



Anonymous said...

Officer Friedberg should be ashamed of himself. That is bullying behavior. No citizen or taxpayer or voter should be escorted off the property for speaking his/her mind on matters. This is shameful behavior, and I am surprised the rest of the board allowed it to happen.

Anonymous said...

If I had hips as wide as the Hindenburg like Faliero has, I would be angry at life too and have 75 year old women manhandled and arrested. Nature has been unkind to Faliero's hips, so she is understandably bitter at life and takes it out on others.

Suzie Creamcheese said...

What a poor showing on the part of the board.

Jennifer has lost it. If she were a teacher she would be on the fast-track for remediation.

You have pushed a button.