Saturday, January 05, 2008

The comments to Casting-room Couch reflect the reality that unfolds in the schools that I have no access to. So I have promoted these comments to front-page positions as valuable insights from the front-line troops.

What strikes me about these revelations such as the one below is how sadly different is the reality of betrayal, duplicity, and cruelty that the comments picture from what most citizens believe is the benign atmosphere of schools.

People outside the twisted reality in schools that the comments reveal have a hard time believing that such behavior exists. Most people romanticize schools and all their participants. This situation makes the despoiling of the schools by the power-and money-hungry administration supported by a corrupt board possible because nobody believes such malignant atmosphere exists.

One wonders how the behavior described in these comments came to be; one puzzles about who or what was the origin of the malignant atmosphere now afoot in the schools. That's the sad mystery for me.


Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "Be a watchdog of the Hillsborough County School Sy...":

The point should be made that screaming loudly and kicking will not overcome proper paperwork.

The supervisors and higher levels know that the bottom line is what can be proved in documents. They monitor every incident that rises to a level of notice. The first thing they do is ascertain "what can be proved in court". The battleground is in the paperwork.

Too many honest, trusting employees, and parents, do not understand that this is high stakes for the school system. No matter how wrong the actions may be by the school people, unless there is paper work on record from day one, the lower level and parents will lose. It is common practice in some areas of the district to simply fabricate documents to show a false timeline.

Everyone that finds themself in a bad spot thinks it is just them. This "isolation of information" is by design. How many teachers work in fear of finding out the rumors are true?

Too many employees turn to the system for help and are sold out.

Someday, with new technolgy that amplifies screaming and kicking, people may realize why the long time entrenced power people within the system are where they are.

There are a few people who are trying to bring about honest changes. If they can last long enough.

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Posted by Anonymous to Lee Drury De Cesare's Casting-Room Couch at 7:53 PM

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Anonymous said...

I hope the school board members are reading these comments. They want to believe the school district officials are above reproach, yet if they read most of their personnel files, they will see the top officials usually have no qualifications for their jobs, and what school board members don't understand is that the district officials will always be nice to them and make the board members think they are nice people. They need to interview and talk to the officials' underlings. There are so many stories about how Elia threw her weight around as she climbed the ladder. I have never met a person who has known her who likes the woman. Maybe some of her peers and those who worked above her before she became Superintendent like her, but those who worked under her say they hated working with her.