Friday, January 04, 2008

Be a watchdog of the Hillsborough County School System and its potted-plant board for fair treatment of teachers, students, and staff right down to the grounds keepers and cafeteria workers.

Bark if the administration, the complicit attorney, and somnolent, collusive board do something untoward like sending a staff member or teacher to the Professional Standards Abu Ghraib on a trumped-up charge when they sit silent while a board member conducts an affair with the superintendent's knowledge in the offices at ROSSAC. Then the administration with attorney and board collusion fires him because the situation may become public and taint board-administration-attorney image. But in its customary unfair arrogance, it protects Ms. Jezebel and promotes her to board chair.

Go to the authorities; tell them what's going on. Sing like a canary.

I have reported to the bar association of Hillsborough County on its brother attorney's conduct; a colleague has sent the Florida Bar complaint to the Superintendents Association. We will send it also to the School Board State Association.

Turn over the rocks, and when the bugs run helter skelter, report what's going on to the supervisory state bodies. The Hillsborough County school administration is not autonomous--although its D-student myrmidons want you to think they are; there are state bodies who monitor and dictate their conduct. Just think of these state agencies as a kind of super-Professional Standards check on lawless administrators, board, or attorneys.

We live in a democracy, not in the Gulag Archipelago. Let's act like we deserve to live in a democracy.


Anonymous has left a new comment on your post " Ms. Elia: Board attorney Mr. Gonzalez refus...":

Years ago I was involved with the school system in a legal matter. I requested transcripts of the affair and was told by Gonzalez that I didn't need them since I couldn't do anything with them. So not only does he avoid fulfilling his duties as an officer of the court, he blatantly decides for others what they are entitled to by law.

Mr. Berry, Florida Bar Ethics Commission:

Pray add the above to my complaint against Thompson et al. People—both teachers and staff of the school system-- are afraid to speak out, so they send anonymous comments to my blog about the school system. If they speak out, the administration puts them under surveillance to tag them with something with which to fire them.

Lee Drury De Cesare

15316 Gulf Boulevard 802

Madeira Beach, FL 33708


Anonymous said...

Yes!!! Everyone should be a watchdog! Everyone should watch the school board meetings to keep an eye on what is going on. Otherwise, there will be many more NO BID CONTRACTS where they give their friends jobs. Same with county commission, city council, etc. Isn't anyone mad at the state of our roads and the traffic? Instead of worrying about gay pride, Ronda Storms should have been doing something about the roads! They focus on matters that do not effect anyone's lives but enable them to grandstand, and they ignore major irritations in our lives. But the conservatives don't care. As long as gay pride or gay marriage can be banned (both of which will never effect their lives), they will accept ridiculous third world nation type roads and bumper to bumper traffic on the highway. They don't focus on anything that actually helps make our day to day lives better.

Anonymous said...

The Professional Standards office in the school district has no credibility. It conducts shoddy investigations and Linda Kipley will even lie to teachers during investigations. Lee is right. Bark like a dog. Sing like a canary. Shout to the rooftops. Whatever you do, don't go into Linda Kipley's office without a lawyer. Do not trust her at all. She has no qualifications for that job either according to her personnel file. Any teacher called into Professional Standards should call a lawyer (not CTA) immediately and possibly even a court reporter to take down all that is said, so that Kipley can not lie about her lies.

It is shocking and upsetting to those of us trying to do a good job to find out that teachers are being targeted for nothing or for petty things, while many big wigs are breaking rules and maybe even laws constantly in the district and they get away with it constantly.

The school board really should hire someone who knows what she's doing in Professional Standards. I bet there are many qualified candidates to run Professional Standards more professionally, if they simply advertised the position instead of sticking someone in the job without the qualifications.

Anonymous said...

The names change, but the Nazi-esque tactics remain. During my "talk" with Marilyn Wittner years ago - and I was not entirely innocent, though my incident did not take place on school grounds, did not involve students or teachers - I was told there was a great "hue and cry" from parents and citizens. When asked to produce names, statistics, quotes, etc, there were none. Whether it is stupidity or shoddy record keeping, Professional Standards will not be able to produce substantive proof.

They will use innuendo and suggestion, much as the Commandant refused to allow the airman to sleep in "Stalag 17" until you are convinced you are a vile and evil person. There is no attempt or intention to help a 20 year veteran through the problems that may have led to their problem.

Under the archaic umbrella of "moral turpitude" they will do what they can to get rid of you and hire a cheaper replacement without experience, so they can keep their own six figure salaries intact.

Anonymous said...

While it may be a fact that some local school administrators brush off the anonymous comments of discontent, it would be folly for commenters to identify themselves. World history is full of instances where identifiable types of people were summarily rid of by the factions in power.

Anonymous blogging may be the modern day "Poison Pen". As long as bloggers speak the truth, they will gradually chip away at the practices of deceit by those whose job security would be threatened if the truth be known.

Just look at how they dealt with their own who dared to speak up about a need for new ways of dealing with some issues.

No doubt those who abuse their power rationalize their behavior by believing they are protecting the continued existence of the bureaucracy they work for and feel secure they will be protected by the same.

Document, document, document and have at least two people who know it exists should be everyone's first habit. Overcoming administrative fabrications is almost impossible, but stories like the above have been around for years. By that stage of the game, the victim has been discredited, so cries of foul are discounted as sore losing or a continuance of bad mouthing.

The sound advice of not trusting the people within the system to address an issue that implicates the systems is extremely valuable. And this goes for any entity within the local, state and some federal levels. You will find that all you are doing is giving the other side information.

Anonymous said...

Well, we can't lie down and let them just get rid of us without a care in the world. At least we can scream loudly and get in a last kick when they are firing us for trumped up charges.

Anonymous said...

The point should be made that screaming loudly and kicking will not overcome proper paperwork.

The supervisors and higher levels know that the bottom line is what can be proved in documents. They monitor every incident that rises to a level of notice. The first thing they do is ascertain "what can be proved in court". The battleground is in the paperwork.

Too many honest, trusting employees, and parents, do not understand that this is high stakes for the school system. No matter how wrong the actions may be by the school people, unless there is paper work on record from day one, the lower level and parents will lose. It is common practice in some areas of the district to simply fabricate documents to show a false timeline.

Everyone that finds themself in a bad spot thinks it is just them. This "isolation of information" is by design. How many teachers work in fear of finding out the rumors are true?

Too many employees turn to the system for help and are sold out.

Someday, with new technolgy that amplifies screaming and kicking, people may realize why the long time entrenced power people within the system are where they are.

There are a few people who are trying to bring about honest changes. If they can last long enough.

Anonymous said...

"But the conservatives don't care." is a bunch of crap and really undermines your point. It is not conservative/liberal gibberish we are concerned with but right/wrong.

Political agendas are what got us here my friend so my suggestion is to make logical arguments with solid foundation.

Support those that support you and VOTE with confidence - remember the "chads"?