Thursday, January 28, 2010

Mr. Gonzalez Earns a Billboard

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Gonzalez certainly has a reputation for screwing over the workers, so this makes sense he is hired by reputation. USF probably wants to screw over all its workers. Afterall, it is headed by a Republican. Republicans who get into positions of power always screw over the workers, so they can make millions on the backs of the workers. Gonzalez is a joke that he is a labor lawyer. Yes, labor lawyer as in screwing the labor and cutting them a bum deal so that the top dogs can make their huge salaries. So of course they hire him. He is willing to do this type of dirty work that most decent and ethical human beings never would.

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I am now preparing a letter to all the writing faculty of the law school at Florida State, where Gonzalez got a degree in English and one in law. He can't write his way out of a paper bag and makes a bazillion dollars from taxpayer-supported institutions.

I will also challenge
Genshaft on the equal opportunity of his hiring and ask Dr. Roy Weatherford and his union people to look into this situation.

If you go to the political donations on the Web, you will see that Gonzalez has donated to every Republican running for local public office down to the dog catcher. lee

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Anonymous said...

Only Republicans want to step on and squash the little people. John D. has to be a Republican. Republicans go on and on about the Bible, but they do not follow it at all. They follow power and money, and that goes against what the Bible says. What a bunch of hypocrites. They will probably all go to hell in the end and Democrats will be in Heaven, because they care about other human beings.