Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Xerxes attacks Thermopoli again.

The Council of Trent convenes to decide if a person's using the word "turd" damns him or her to the fires of hell for eternity.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Lee...I hate to admit this, but, I do read your blog weekly.

I guess that means my blog is your guilty pleasure. If a writer can draw in the unwilling, he or she is a power to be reckoned with.

If I read your implied assertion correctly, I would never
atack a board member in a personal manner.

I seldom imply anything. I just spit it out no matter how ugly it is. You are free to not attack board members in a personal manner, but that does not mean that I can't haul off and kick the bejesus out of the lot of them in any way that I see fit.

And would you use a spell checker for the love of literacy? Or are you too virtuous for that?

I will attack a board member at the drop of a hat. I will do so on whatever grounds occur to me. The people on the board are dumb, cowardly jerks who hurt education. They deserve all the kicks they get.

Unlike you, who has atacked all manner of board members and staff personally, that is not my M.O. While you have more verabal energy than anyone I'll ever know, I certainly have more professional integrity than you will ever enjoy.

It's "verbal," not "verable." What you say when you mention "verbal energy" is that I am a powerful writer. I know the words. I know syntax. I don't know how anybody who has read as much good stuff as I have in a long life could fail to be a good writer. But they can. Most people write badly oddly enough. Lousy writers fill colleges and universities. I used to write the tenure applications for Ph.D.s when I was still teaching because they couldn't write well enough.

Let's talk about "professional integrity," which you say you have more of than I have. You don't know the range of the word "integrity." "Integrity" means a thing is whole, all of a piece. I have heard doctors in an operating room when I scrubbed as their nurse say, "This patient's spleen has little integrity." I think you use the word in the sense of one's sticking to moral or ethical principles. I stick to mine. But mine are different than yours. And my ethical system is whole and complete. It has essential integrity.

We must first define what "moral" and "ethical" means to each of us. My moral and ethical principles are not Dave's. I believe attacking wrongdoing in people in office is a citizen's duty. I count that belief a moral principle. I think bringing to the attack all the weapons that I have mastered to be not only ethical but tactically necessary.

I believe that if I see wrongdoing, I should not simper and get the heebie-jeebies as grannies such as I are entitled to do. I believe I should instead summon my writing and talking talents and jump on the the world's horses' hindquarters in my purview, too many of whom have hunkered down in the purlieus of ROSSAC.

Utter turds fill that place. And don't shrink back in horror at the word "turd." It entered the English language in 1380 as an obscene expression for feces. It caught on bigtime. There is not a person in the English-speaking world who does not know what it means. And I, for one, am happy at its linguistic venerability. It is the perfect term for the likes of the bums who hang out at ROSSAC and bleed the taxpayers dry. They are all drags on education.

As for professional integrity, I am all of a piece in the two professional areas in which I have engaged. I am a registered nurse, and I never left a floor to go off duty before I made the rounds of the patients to see who was in pain so that I could give that suffering human being an analgesic before I went off duty. I was a college professor and never passed a student who did not deserve to pass. That's the kind of professional integrity I sponsor. I was also an airline stewardess in the early days when you had to have a nursing or bachelor's degree and good legs. There was no integrity to speak of involved. You couldn't wear glasses then; so your eyes had to have integrity.

You must learn to use the spell checker. If somebody invented the cure for AIDS and misspelled a word, people would not say, "Hurrah! This person has invented the cure for AIDS!" They would say, "Look at this jerk. He can't even spell "attacked," "attack," or "verbal."

Use the spell checker, Dave. That's an order.

I do not do anonymous!

This I admire. I think a person should stand by his or her words. I wouldn't think of not signing one of my most ascerbic communications to the board or the ROSSAC bums. They may hate me. But they have to respect me. I am a woman of my word.

Dave Schmidt

4:39 PM


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Anonymous said...

I don't understand Dave Schmidt's point. He has more integrity than you apparently is his point. You speak your mind and try to expose wrongdoing. That shows integrity. His logic seems to think that people who tell other people what is on their minds do not have integrity. WTF???

twinkobie said...

Look at this. A Chinese freeloading ad. The first is a freeloader in English. I could kick these freeloaders. lee

Vox Populi said...

LOL !! Lee when they freeload that means they're reading. You're pissing them off but good when you're getting the freeloader ads.

Here's a link (from a military governed board the australian airforce perhaps) to cars being outfitted to poison people. It's big in some coutries. (here too but people have not caught on quickly enough) Biological warfare.
I knew you would be interested in this.

Here's the link.
read down or just search for the world parliament