Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Checking in with the team

I have been looking for a little camera I lost in the jungle of my desk. I didn't find it yet, but look what I found below.

This will remind you of what the DNA of the ROSSAC people is. For being a whistle blower pointing out waste and theft, the board and adminstration did not congratulate Doug Erwin; Dr. Lennard and his ROSSAC gutter ghouls targeted him to be made to look crazy by a hired investigator, who had the nerve to tell the truth.lee

I am struggling still to get my printer to work and the Microsoft Word mail program on my desktop up and running.

I am going to call HP today and see if those nice techs in the Orient can walk me through making it work. I caught my rascally grandson Isaiah home yesterday on the phone and told him if he didn't help me make the people's faces on my desktop stop being green I was going to cut him out of my will. He laughed. Look at my picture. Am I green on your computer? I don't want to look green in Florence. The Italians will say that we are not only ugly Americans but that we are green as well. Lee

Printed by: Diane Woodall Title: Fwd: investigation

Created by <span class=DPE, Copyright IRIS 2005" v:shapes="_x0000_i1025" width="587" height="142">

Wednesday, January 23, 2002 9:59: 11 AM Page 1 of 1

1::.'''-"=" ~I Wednesday, January 23, 20028:50:46 AM

-_. Message

From: ~ Douglas Erwin

ru Elsa Tuggle

Subject: I Fwd: investigation To: I ~ Diane Woodall


Good morning!

In November, 2000, John Brungard and I met with Bill Gietzen at John's house. At that meeting, he gave us an overview of what his role in the investigation was and asked us to share what we knew. During the discussion, we indicated that we felt that you were being targeted and held responsible for what Mac was doing. He indicated that we were right to be cautious, as he was hired to try and make you look guilty of wrongdoing. His conversation with us made it very clear that while he was looking for facts and was following up leads, there was also another agenda.

It is interesting to note that after the report was released, I went to Mark Hart's office on December 11, 2001 and looked through all the material that was gathered from the investigations. I came upon a statement from Wayne Dashinger's report that stated that Gietzen indicated he was hired to make Doug Erwin look crazy.

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