Sunday, December 13, 2009

Call for Help

I have spent an hour with a lovely competer technician lad who fixed my routing problems and didn't charge me for it. I told him I had been a teacher, and he told me how he dropped out of college and didn't finish his degree and that he regrets not doing so.

I think that he fixed my router for free because I was a teacher. Everybody loves teachers except the ROSSAC fiends,

The next board meeting is January 12. I will drive from the beach to attend.

When I asked the Attorney General to issue a ruling on ROSSAC 's not following the HB 669 bullying law's requirement that adults, he responded that one of the elected offials had to ask for that ruling.

So I want you to help me to pressure the board to ask for a ruling from the Attorney General in which he gives an opinion of whether the bullying law covers adult staff as well as students.

I need some help on this project. My blog readers need to pitch in, lee

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