Monday, December 28, 2009

File Away, Dixieland


It's a rare professional outfit without an oversight committee.

File against all these "professionals" that you cite who ruined your professional life and caused you so much grief.

The School state site has an ethics committee. File to all its members and the Secretary of ed. The psychiatrist has an oversight committee; file an ethics charge with it. Get that shitty lawyer too who did such a wretched job. File, file, file.

Write a narrative of what you suffered. People get a better picture from a story than from analysis. Send it to each with the relevant information highlighted.

Send copies to the AG and Governor asking their advice on what further you can do.

Here's my best suggestion. File a bullying charge against each of the fiends in the school system. Send a copy to the AG. Say that there is no statute of limitations on the 669 bullying law. Send them all a copy. Leaflet hither and yon. Send Tom Gonzalez a copy. He will have a hernia.

Our goal is to out these villains' conduct. The school thugs sneak around behind the public and do vile things to people and then have the Public Affairs office send out slick press releases covering up their dirty deeds. Let's not let them get away with this.

The addresses are all on the Web for you to pull up.

Send me copies for my blog so that I can post them. These cheer people up.

Be sure to file against Tom Gonzalez with the bar for lack of ethical conduct by trying to buy you off with a thousand dollars after the state system has upheld you, not that vicious principal. Find out the head of that outfit and zap a copy.

Don't forget Ron What's His Name, the one who runs around Tampa hailing people down in the streets to tell them he graduated from Harvard. He will have a duck when he reads that you have filed a bar ethics complaint about him for saying you were guilty of "moral turpitude" and then having no better sense than to tell your own lawyer about his "ploy."

Nothing is too farfetched. File, file, file. lee

Here's a start:

The Florida Bar Ethics Committee
651 E. Jefferson Street
Tallahassee, FL 32399-2300


Anonymous said...

It is important to file reports against these criminals, even though they are friends of people and get their criminal charges thrown out. They have spent their lives creating a protective bubble around themselves making friends in all types of places, so they can get away with their criminal behavior. The more people who file against them and the more favors they have to call in to protect themselves the more these criminals like Tom Gonzalez start looking like a liability to their friends in high places. People do favors for friends until they realize they might be pulled under the waves in the undertow. Then they drop people like Gonzalez, Candy Olson, MaryEllen Elia, and Carol Kurdell like a hot potato.

Vox Populi said...

This anonymous person is a G E N I U S. Who knew we had one in Florida? Just kidding. THANK YOU GENIUS. Truer words are sometimes spoken but this ranks up there with a gem of knowledge to give everyone courage. Yes, keep pounding in the stakes. When you see something really grinds their rocks POUND SOME MORE POUNDA POUNDA POUNDA POUNDA POUNDA. Do what they do: single one out and color their world poop-brown. LOL.