Monday, December 28, 2009

A New Year to Rock and Roll Against the ROSSAC Thugs. Tra-la-la-la-la-la-la

Be patient, my buckoes. I am working on a Florida Bar ethics charge against Tom Gonzalez. I should have it sent to the legal priesthood and online and to the board and selected administrators before the snow flies.

Vox has sent in a piece on how teachers used the bullying law in another county. I will cite that and do my best to report how Gonzalez is a bunion on the bar's reputation. After that, I am going to critique his writing deficiencies in his letter to Steve Kemp's lawyers and send it to his law school--FLorida State--and complain that they let out lawyers who can't write any better than Tom does.

Somebody look up the pay levels for school lawyers in Florida. Remember that TG gets $275,000 a year. That's highway robbery.

I spent Christmas with my family and all ten wonderful grandchildren. Hope yours was bright. Happy New Year. lee


Anonymous said...

How do people like Tom Gonzalez, Candy Olson, Carol Kurdell, MaryEllen Elia, and Jennifer Faliero have a good Christmas when they spend their lives harming children and teachers? Let's hope these hypocrites don't have the nerve to enter a church during Christmas. That would just be a crime against God for those people to walk into a church. They probably make Baby Jesus cry his heart out for being so evil. They go against everything he stands for.

Vox Populi said...

The churches in tampa have been maligned with thugs and hypocrites. Hasn't anyone else noticed how many churches have been sold? As well, the oddity of churches BUYING UP gambling property. The one next door to palma ceia bought the JAI ALAI fronton property (you know the gambling license is still intact, correct??) The scumbag scammers Metro Ministries who mysteriously give breath to the fact that they are a cheeseball of 13 'local churches' are buying up property all over the tampa dogtrack area and who knows in ST Pete? OPEN EYES and ask questions. Jesus has so much to cry about he probably just rolls his eyes at the scummery of the above thieves and bullies. Jennifer Faliero is married to or related to an attorney. they like to keep the circles small and sticky icky with common body matter (one brain many illnesses)