Friday, August 07, 2009

Urgent Message from Vox Populi: Faites Attention!

Vox, I am putting this frontpage as you requested.

I tell you what: you know a lot of things I don't. Your survey powers are greater than mine. You need to start your own blog, then just lock and load and fire at will. I will read you faithfully and pick up on anything that pertains to the schools to pursue.

I feel now that I am fighting on all fronts of the schools. They are my specialty because I was a college professor during most of my work life. I know the education racket inside out.

But you are a polymath of evil. You tell me about things going on in the Bay Area that I don't know diddly about. Start up your blog on Blogspot. Call it Vox Populi. That is an inspired name. I will read it every day and be your most devoted fan.

You don't have a paying job, do you? I don't see how you can and keep up with all the events you have in your duffle bag.

I will send this to Goader. He is on a learning curve in the racket of civil rights. Let's cut him a little slack. He is my Great White Hope to take over the monitoring of the school system. Then I can retire to going to opera productions around the globe and needlepointing more rugs and pillows for my grandchildren as all proper grannies do.

But never forget that you have a supporter of you and your nascent blog in me. Buddies, to the end, Granny and Vox: the litigious duo of age and beauty.

Fight on, Vox. The fight for a better world is what we should commit our lives to.

Once more into the breach.

With love, admiration, and undying support,

Granny Lee

Vox Populi has left a new comment on your post "Pressing the case on the Goader Crucifixion Reco...":

lee is goader KIDDING??? HE is over at katherine durkin robinson's blog making nice with a woman who can't keep her clothes on .. raises her children to hate and also wrote point blank in creative loafing that ONLY RICH UNDISABLED PEOPLE should have children. Go read it right there in black and white. Not only that but she used to pull some pretense about sticking up for teachers and standing up to maryEllen elia only I notice she never got called on the carpet. EVER. hmmm. She's a trash blogger and she has talked of students' personal lives on her blog and been called out for it. By REAL bloggers. I would think that goader might take heed that it's very possible that backstabbers and faux FEMINISTS such as kate are very much part of the problem of the setups and backstabbings at the schools. NO ONE who claims to be a feminist constantly takes their clothes off on their blog and degrades women while stating in CREATIVE LOAFING that ONLY THE RICH SHOULD HAVE CHILDREN. Goader, don't let the fake tits and the fake smile and umm the fake GUTS fool you ....
I"m kinda disgusted. Kate's husband and she make a FINE LIVING FROM WAR so it's a conflict of interest for her to promote don't ask don't tell. PLEASE PUBLISH THIS rather than replying through email.

Publish this comment.

Reject this comment.

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Vox Populi said...

LOL !!

Actually I just read a great deal. I am the master of things that make you go hmmmm and then I put the big picture together when it finally settles. (if it ever does) For instance that stuff with the sheriff's dept taking over DCF investigations happened over the course of perhaps five to seven years. Made me mad the first time they paid them like fifteen million dollars and then the sheriff handed it right back to DCF. And the big picture is so that pervert can toe crack and get by with it.

And some days I don't get to be online at all.


Thank you.(for the front page)

I'm so sick of people getting away with pretending they are one thing and are yet another.

This is what happened to the Democratic Party Hillsborough County and with the League of Women Voters Hillsborough. They let folks slither up into leadership who then intimidate out the other people who are actually VERY GOOD people who work hard to keep this community from falling into the hands of ROSSAC and CO.

Then these same folks if you point out what they are doing wrong .... what they do is say 'oh keep us under the big tent, we all have to work together' ....

so that they can continue to start infighting and manipulate their evil until it takes over entirely.

Yes, though I am a bit closer to the ground than you ... running with all the subcultures as one does.

That just yanked my chain today when I saw that she proclaimed herself as a feminist.

Like a rat's ass.

But you are my inspiration.

Some days I come here to be sure the world is still running sorta okay.

(and I am on semester break) L O L.

Goader, my apologies for having the temerity to tell you who to converse with .... but kate's war mongering while she profits from it is a hallmark of other problems. (which I'll handle elsewhere when I feel froggy)

Anonymous said...

Vox, can you or Lee please provide a link to the "only the rich and undisabled should have children" quote? I'm having trouble finding it.

Vox Populi said...

Oh I did find it


Who knows?

At any rate, before we started trying, I always said that if Husband and I didn’t get pregnant, we’d never use medicine. We’d either adopt or, more realistically, travel the world as a happy childless couple without premature grey hair and wrinkles brought on by yelling at kids who never listen anyway.

I know. That’s easy for me to say. Turns out we did get pregnant and that was that.

I’d certainly never deny anyone else the right to use fertilization.

Or would I?

When people suggest that income levels or the fact that the couple already has children or maybe even marital status should be taken into account when determining a candidate for IVF - it sounds reasonable to me. I’ve said before that IN THEORY not only should poor people not breed, but neither should people who are ill (mentally or physically), developmentally delayed, or have a host of other problems that would prevent them from being responsible parents.

Of course, I’d prefer these were choices such people made and not anything legislated, but doctors should play a part in the process. They should be concerned with helping reasonable people bring children into this world, but also should help protect the world by turning some patients away.

That’s why I enjoyed this article in Newsweek. Dr. Mark I. Evans said it best.

“Overlooked in the happy news, though, are are the troubling surges in neonatal deaths, developmental disabilities and other long-term problems.”

Maybe women who aren’t comfortable with reduction should think twice before manipulating their bodies in the first place. If they’re so big on God’s will and the sanctity of life, why not leave the *whole* thing up to God?

Or perhaps just a decent doctor?


because it's up to katherine durkin robinson or perhaps an israeli or irish doctor to let you know whether you are rich enough OR RESPONSIBLE ENOUGH TO HAVE CHILDREN
Man I think I'll sic the uhurus on her.

And it's a huge israeli flag waver and yeah it's husband is making plenty of dinero off the war and etc etc etc while the wifey promotes plastic surgery, promotes ISRAELI TACTICS and war-mongering and then see/?? it's a HUGE conflict of interest to be LIVING OFF THE WAR AND PROMOTING inducting everything that breathes into it.
AND on top of that it claims to be a feminist.

A group of us tried to get the creative loafing editor to retract that and the asshole said NO THAT IS THE WRITER'S OPINION. He was very very rude.


Oh and ... when poor little jasmine bedwell whose baby got thrown from the car window understandably freaked out and disappeared for a few hours and then was detained to check her safety the bitch was HAPPY TO POINT OUT that this kid who has lost everything in her life got arrested.

It's beyond disgusting.
You are right. I need a blog. I just don't know if I have the time.