Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Pressing the case on the Goader Crucifixion Records

Ms. Cobbe:

I await your tally of the number of Professional Standards cases for which Mr. Gonzalez has written the terminal letter instead of Ms. Kipley.

What is taking Mr. Gonzalez so long to get this letter written? This editorial sloth confirms my repeated recommendation that the board fire him.

I have had experience with Mr. Gonzalez's footdragging on promised documents. He promised both me and Bart Birdsall that he would write a handout to go to teachers who landed in the Professional Standards juggernaut for teachers to cite the measures they could take to protect themselves.

Two years later, I and Birdsall await that letter.

I suggest that the board and administration overrates Mr. Gonzalez's legal talents. He's a C student at best. I am a teacher: I know all the hallmarks of a C student. Mr. Gonzalez exhibits all of them. And his eating chips and drinking soft drinks on the podium during meetings show that he hasn't any idea of attorney protocol to make the board look like a serious body. I may have to turn him in for this on-the-job gaucherie to the Ethics Commission of the Florida Bar, to which he is no ornament.

Give me an estimated time of completion for Mr. Gonzalez's substitute summary statement outlining the Steve Kemp put-up case. I predict it will be full of holes that I will delight in pointing out.

The board and Ms. Elia should have bethought themselves before allowing this false case against Kemp to go forward and to keep him on suspension for a year. Nothing shows more clearly that the board and administration are in over their heads in the management department.

Bottom Line: Pray yield me a due date that I can expect Tom Gonzalez's summary of the Kemp crucifixion will be forthcoming. I am sure that the governor, the governor's task force on child abuse, the attorney general just foaming at the mouth for an election issue such as this, and the head of the Child Protection Services statewide will read Mr. Gonzalez's lucubrations on the Kemp case with great interest. I will.

lee drury de cesare


Anonymous said...

These dumb criminals are okay with toe fetishists but they want to slam the book at any teacher who sneezes wrong! The entire board and all the district officials should be ashamed of themselves, but they are not. They are absolutely shameless! Criminally shameless!

Vox Populi said...

lee is goader KIDDING??? HE is over at katherine durkin robinson's blog making nice with a woman who can't keep her clothes on .. raises her children to hate and also wrote point blank in creative loafing that ONLY RICH UNDISABLED PEOPLE should have children. Go read it right there in black and white. Not only that but she used to pull some pretense about sticking up for teachers and standing up to maryEllen elia only I notice she never got called on the carpet. EVER. hmmm. She's a trash blogger and she has talked of students' personal lives on her blog and been called out for it. By REAL bloggers. I would think that goader might take heed that it's very possible that backstabbers and faux FEMINISTS such as kate are very much part of the problem of the setups and backstabbings at the schools. NO ONE who claims to be a feminist constantly takes their clothes off on their blog and degrades women while stating in CREATIVE LOAFING that ONLY THE RICH SHOULD HAVE CHILDREN. Goader, don't let the fake tits and the fake smile and umm the fake GUTS fool you ....
I"m kinda disgusted. Kate's husband and she make a FINE LIVING FROM WAR so it's a conflict of interest for her to promote don't ask don't tell. PLEASE PUBLISH THIS rather than replying through email.