Friday, August 07, 2009

Still Plugging Away at Extracting the Kemp Case from Linda Cobbe of the Public Information Office

Ms. Elia's Dog


In the Kemp file that you sent me, a list of documents appears on a page entitled "investigation."

The first document is Hilllsborough Sheriff's Police Report Number 08-400025; the second document listed is a two-page written document by ESE supervisor Ron Smiley.

Then the teacher Mufero document is listed in the third place. It's there.

The Report 08-40025 is missing from the packet as is the two-page written product of Ron Smiley.

Could you supply me with those, please?



Anonymous said...

She was trying to keep a page of public info from you. Sneaky! She hoped you wouldn't realize it. Sad that the district is full of crooks and sneaks. No wonder the public schools are so bad. The people running them are basically criminals.

Anonymous said...

It is hilarious that you put a fat dog on your blog and call it Elia's dog!

She is hogging $250K of taxpayer dollars, so it is fitting. She thinks she is a martyr to voluntarily cut her salary 5%, but most people could live easily on $125K (50% of her salary), so a 5% cut doesn't harm her in the slightest. She should take a 50% cut and send the 50% to help the poor and homeless.

Vox Populi said...

she's doing no suffering by that five percent. her bonus for being such a stellar DOG OWNER was nine times that amonnt.

I LOVE THE DOG. I LAUGHED OUT LOUD RIGHT IN FRONT OF MY ENTIRE MUSIC GROUP. I should NOT read lee's blog when I am in public. L O L !!!!!!