Saturday, July 11, 2009


Att'n Tiger Bay officers and board:
Robert Buesing
Carol Carter
Mickey Castor
Joesph Citro
Mercedes DiMaio
Kay Doughty
Gary Dolgin
David Hurley
April Schiff Michael Steinberg Mary Lou Tuttle Samantha Ward

Putnam Campaign
PO Box 547
Bartow, FL 33831

Congressman Putnam:

I have just watched your blog video on health-care reform.

The minute I heard "socialized medicine," I knew you were going to spiel how things were fine just as they are that the new push for health-care reform will result in disaster.

The history of the Republican party, of which my husband of 53 years has been a member until Mr. Bush pushed him over the edge to Independent, is that it fights programs that help the average person. Among the programs fought by the Republicans are Social Security and Medicare. Anything that helps little people, Republicans are against; any tax break that boosts the rich and the powerful, it is for.

In your video you pooh-pooh the 47 million without health care. You explain away these people's need for medical care. In effect, you say that those forty-seven million people don't count. It's as if you talk about the dross of society that we don't have to be concerned about. That's the country-club Republican attitude. It's yours. It's inhumane and vile.

Republicans are still trying to sabotage Social Security with private-investment options. Think where that would have put people in the no-regulation meltdown nurtured by Republicans in their eight years in power. The Republicans will never do away with Social Security. Average people including average Republicans like it too much.

If the litany of cures for our health-care crisis that you cite would have worked to cure it, why didn't the Republicans, who had eight years of control in both the presidency and the Congress, apply those measures and cure the problem of runaway health costs when they were in power? One answer is that the drug companies, a big part of the Republicans' base, don't want their profits disturbed.

And if the cost of giving people health care including a government option is so horrendous, why weren't Republicans speaking out against Bush's war--the one he lied us into in Iraq that bled money from the United States to kill and maim innocent citizens and to kill and maim our young people sent over to Iraq to fight a cooked-up optional war? That money went to killing over 4,000 of our troops; injuring and maiming over 20,000 of them--with many coming back physical and mental vegetables; it went to killing and maiming hundreds of thousands of Iraqi civilians, who don't count as human beings because they are not Americans and not Republicans.

I heard you speak at Tiger Bay in Tampa a couple of times before the board kicked me out for being too tough on politicians who came to speak before the the pussycat club that fosters milquetoast questions to politicians despite its boast of "keeping polliticians' feet to the fire." Such cozy poitical-club citizen complacency masquerading as holding office holders' feet to the fire is why we have more thugs in government than would be there if citizens were tougher on them and made them account for their actions.

For shame, Reprehensive Representative Putnam, for trying to sabotage the health-care reform now in the works. You need to get defeated and go back to your farm. You don't care about average voters. You don't belong in the House or anywhere in government.

I see you discontinued your blog's citizen-input comments. They were probably too tough for you to face. So you blocked them.

Lee Drury De Cesare

15316 Gulf Boulevard 802

Madeira Beach, FL 33708

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In a message dated 7/10/2009 9:35:20 P.M. Eastern Daylight Time, writes:

Bill Moyers Show Tonight Reveals Insurance Lobby's Secret Plan to Attack 'Sicko' and Michael Moore

Friday, July 10th, 2009

ALERT: We've just been informed that Bill Moyers, on his show later tonight, will expose for the first time the health insurance industry's secret campaign against Michael Moore and his film, "Sicko."

It contains a stunning revelation and admission by a top health insurance executive -- the former head of publicity for CIGNA, one of the top health insurance companies in the country -- that the disinformation and attacks on Michael and the film were extensive and well-planned. Their job was to stop the movie from reaching a wide audience (and, more importantly, from having the widespread political impact the industry feared "Sicko" would have).

Wendell Potter, former Head of Corporate Communications at CIGNA (which provides health insurance to nearly 70 percent of the Fortune 100 companies) admits that, in fact, "Sicko" "hit the nail on the head" and told the real truth about how much better people in other countries have it when it comes to their health care.

The show airs tonight at 9:00 PM on PBS. (Check your local listings for exact times. Many areas show it on Saturday night, too.)

You can check out the segment about Michael and "Sicko" here:

Be sure to tune into Bill Moyers Journal tonight at 9:00 PM for the full program. Check here for local listings (and rebroadcasts):

If you get this email too late, their website will soon post the full show soon:

Finally, the truth comes out. From one of their own. Amazing.


Anonymous said...

Sorry Lee
I want the feds out of health care completely. They stifle innovation under the guise of protection.

With the internet so freely available we can take care of ourselves. Ask any doctor how cumbersome and inefficient working within the system is. Try doing your own tax return and its worse for them.

Get the feds out of my life thankyouverymuch. I can survive without their intrusions.

Vox Populi said...

Lee, Mickey Castor sits on the board of League of Women Voters, as well. Newly elected. It's a VERY HOSTILE environment for women, ironically that it's the LOWV. Mr. Putnam can't possiby respond to intelligent commentary. You can tell a wimp by the way they stifle input and comments.
I thought you should know that about Mrs. Judge Don Castor. Is her goaL TO TAKE OVER THE WORLD???