Monday, July 06, 2009

Council-of-Trent-Lookalike Hillsborough County SchoolBoard Meeting with Ultimate Authority Elia the Central Figure in Red at the Front and All Administrative Servile Staff Ringing the Ultimate Authority and Murmuring "Halleluja, Ultimate Authority Elia" in a Gregorian Chant with a Gladys-Knight-and-the Pips Background of "Midnight Train to Georgia, Dodah, Dodah

Linda, the material you sent me on Professional Standards operation says that at the end of the case, Ms. Kipley must write a report on an investigation and its outcome.

I think I have asked you twice for this information. This will be a third request.

I amend this third request to include the whole file on the Steve Kemp case. It is now public information. I can come to your office to review it.

I have also asked for the last five cases' Professional Standards reports. I request their complete files also. I can review these five files in your office when I come to review the Kemp report.

I will expect you to have these by the 14th of July, the next board meeting, for my review in your office.

I understand that you will have the names of the people appointed to new principal positions on the July 14 agenda for anyone who is interested in them. I would like to have that list before the board meeting on July 14.

I have not had a "yes" or a "no" from Mr. Valdez as to whether he will investigate the Professional Standards cases I filed against Mr. Smiley, Ms. Sosa, Ms. Kipley, and Ms. Morris. Citizens deserve answers to the questions they present to public employees. Since Mr. Valdez has failed to respond to my emailed question after several weeks, I would appreciate your getting from the gentleman an official "yes" or "no" on this question.

Thank you.


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Vox Populi said...

I thought I would fall over laughing when I read this. At Hillsborogh's graduation I was horrified she might speak and the roof would fall in or something. My family counseled me not to shout out 'things' pertaining to real life if she rose to speak. Luckily I was not put to the test.
I only had a few words ready. Probably they would never have found me to arrest me in the crowd. Also I was surrounded by many people yelling. Apparently only the loved people are allowed to speak at graduation and then are likely sanctioned by rossac for being good to the students. Just kidding.
But I did have some choice ideas of what could have been said. L O L.