Thursday, July 09, 2009

If at First YOu Don't Succeed, Try, Try Again

Linda, this is, I count, four times that I have asked for the Professional Standards charges of Steve Kemp and the five past Professional Charges cases that Ms. Kipley has handled before his.

This is not a complicated request. You need only ask Ms. Kipley for these data. Get Mr. Valdez to help you. As well as I can tell, he is Ms. Kipley's boss.
According to the Professional Standards protocols you sent me, Ms. Kipley has the obligatory duty to write up the case's investigation for the terminal file. This is not an optional duty of Ms. Kipley. It is obligatory according to the Professional Standards protocol that you sent me.

I again request for the fourth time those complete files--Steve Kemp's and the five that preceded his. I will pay for copying.

The Attorney General's Web site on public information says that 48 hours is a fair timeline in which the school authorities provide requested data. My requests for these data have spanned more than two weeks. Please send me these data within the next 48 hours. I believe your boss, Steve Hegarty, shares your responsibility if I do not receive these files within the next 48 hours.

This is not an issue that the Hillsborough County administration and board can ignore as it has in the past when school people responsible did not pursue the issue of timely provision of public information. I intend to pursue this problem if I do not get the data in a timely fashion--within 48 hours.

I am sure that you do not want your department to get the reputation of failing to provide citizens public information in a timely fashion.

I have been patient but now invoke the Attorney General's timeline for public institutions' providing public information to citizens. I expect to get these requested data from Ms. Kipley's office within the Attorney General's suggested 48 hours.


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