Thursday, May 14, 2009

Linda Kipley Is a Piece of Work

I emailed the charges directly to Linda Kipley, Ms. Cobbe.

If she says that she didn't get the charges, she is as usual lying. I cc'd people.

I know the last name of the top administrator: it was Smiley. I cannot recall the names of the principal and lower-level administrator involved. Their names would be on the child-abuse charge that Ms. Kipley and Ms. Elia filed against Steve Kemp. Please send me those three names and the job descriptions of each one so that I can refile the charges.

And don't tell me I have run out the clock. I filed in a timely fashion, and somebody found it convenient to lose charges against administrators instead of teachers. Lee Drury De Cesare

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From: Linda Kipley []
Sent: Wednesday, May 13, 2009 1:50 PM
To: lee
Cc: MaryEllen Elia; Candy Olson; carol.kurdell@sdhc.k12.fl;; Jack Lamb; Susan Valdes; April Griffin;;;;; Linda Cobbe; Ken Otero; Dan Valdez; Lewis Brinson; Gretchen Saunders; Wynne Tye; Cathy Valdes; 'Connie.'; David Steele;; Stephen Hegarty

Subject: Re: results of my filing professional standards charges

Dear Ms. DeCesare:

In response to your request for this office's "findings on the unprofessional conduct of the three administrators involved in the dereliction of duty" in the "Kemp-case," no such records exist.

Linda A. Kipley

General Manager of Professional Standards

Hillsborough County Public Schools

2920 N. 40th Street

Tampa, FL 33605


813-840-7186 Fax

Replacement of file to Professional Standards that Ms. Kipley said she never got:

Ms. Cobbe: Please hand deliver this to Ms. Kipley, head of Professional Standards.

This is the second time Ms. Kipley has lied about a filing by me to Professional Standards.

I filed a Professional Standards charge against Dr. Hamilton for using the emails for personal matters. Ms. Kipley claimed she didn't get it. I had not saved a copy and at that early time in my career of monitoring the ROSSAC crimes against ethics did not know that Ms. Kipley has a career of lying so outrageously that the teachers at Hillsborough High wouldn't go into a conference with her without a tape recorder when she was principal there.

Instead of firing La Kipley when she had no more tolerence at HHS from the teachers because of her lying as they should have, top administration drafted her for the job of head of Professional Standards, a job of a higher rank than principal and more pay. This ROSSAC move confirms teachers' maxim that "If you mess up, you move up" in the administration. ldd

To: Linda Kipley, Professional Standards
From: Lee Drury De Cesare, citizen

Please consider this a formal complaint against Mr. Ron Smiley, head of Section 5 of Special Ed.

In the matter of the case of Steve Kemp’s alleged child-abuse charge filed by Mr. Smiley at the Sheriff’s Department, I protest its validity on the grounds that Mr. Smiley himself bears guilt in the situation for his not rendering to Mr. Kemp the help that Mr. Smiley’s job description clearly outlines:

• Help teachers develop a strategy for the instruction and assessment of the subject area curriculum so that every student develops to his maximum potential;
• Be responsible for assisting the administration in monitoring absences and arranging coverage of classes when no substitute is present;
• To insure dissemination of information and subject area supervisors to all members of the department and to insure understanding of all directives issued;
• To assist the Principal and Assistant Principal for Curriculum for evaluation of teachers within the department and, when necessary, work with teachers to improve instruction;
• To become a trained classroom observer eligible to serve on Preparing New Educator Teams.
• To work with teachers within the department to produce the highest standards of teaching (This includes visiting classrooms, making helpful suggestions for improving lesson plans, counseling with teachers within the department, and coordinating the work of the group to achieve departmental standards.

Although Mr. Smiley visited Mr. Kemp’s classroom, he spoke not a word to Mr. Kemp in accordance with the above directives. Instead after the lapse of a week, he went to the Sheriff’s Department and filed felony child-abuse charges against Mr. Kemp for his hooking the harness one student had on to a chair while he dealt with another child.

The sheriff’s office has dismissed the felony charge, but the administration continues its baseless charge against Mr. Kemp when it is the supervisory people like Mr. Smiley who should be cited for abuse of Professional Standards.

To: Linda Kipley, Professional Standards
From: Lee Drury De Cesare, citizen

Professional Standards charge against Principal Marion Ross of Special Ed

Please consider this a formal complaint against Principal Marion Ross of the Special Ed division.
In the matter of the case of Steve Kemp’s alleged child-abuse charge filed by Mr. Smiley. District 5 head, at the Sheriff’s Department, I protest its validity on the grounds that Ms. Ross along with Mr. Smiley and Ms Sosa bear guilt in the situation for their not rendering to Mr. Kemp the help that the three’s job description clearly outlines:

Ms. Ross’s Job Description:

• Proactivity: Demonstrates readiness to initiate action and take responsibility for leading and enabling others to improve the circumstances being faced or anticipated;
• Organizational Sensitivity: Is aware of the effects of his/her behavior and decisions on all stakeholders both inside and outside the organization;
• Oversees and is responsible for school’s instructional program…and its results;
• Oversees and is responsible for the safety and discipline of the school’s students;
• Oversees and is responsible for the accuracy and timeliness of school’s records and reports.

Ms. Ross gave Steve Kemp no assistance that coincides with the above duties of her job in this case. The only thing she said when she entered the room with Mr. Smiley and a physical therapist was that she “didn’t want to lose her job for child abuse.” She gave no help to Steve Kemp before she threw him into a classroom of severely retarded children. Steve had no education in or training to serve this student population. Ms. Ross gave Steve no advice or orientation to help him do the job right... In this lack Ms. Ross was derelict in her duties as a principal; thus I file Professional Standards charges against her.

To: Linda Kipley, Professional Standards
From: Lee De Cesare, citizen
Date: 2/11/09

Please consider this a formal complain of breech of professional standards by Supervisor Sosa in the Special Ed division. This charge is a refutation of the charge of child abuse against teacher Steve Kemp.

Ms. Sosa assigned Steve to the substitute duty of teaching profoundly retarded children without ascertaining his training.

Mr. Kemp has no academic credentials in caring for profoundly retarded children. His education is in teaching children who have trouble reading to read.

• Ms. Sosa’s job description says that her duties include the following;
• Provide support for ESE teachers at assigned school;
• Assist teachers in monitoring the effectiveness of curriculum and materials used in the classroom;
• Assist teachers in the pre-referral process of intervention strategies, observations, and conferences;
• Provide in-service for general education teachers as needed;
• Provide program-specific orientation and training for newly hired teachers;
• Assist in developing intervention strategies in regard to behavior management and school discipline;
Provide support for parents and function as a liaison to the school, parents, and community agencies.

Supervisor Sosa was derelict in these duties when she and Principal Ross threw Steve as a substitute in a room the population of which was profoundly retarded children. Neither she nor Ms. Ross gave Mr. Kemp any orientation or comments on his conducting this unfamiliar client base, not a word. This is dereliction of Supervisor Ross’s written duties, and I protest her behavior and ask that she be subject to a Professional Standards charge. Mr. Smiley was the Judas who had turned in Steve to the Sheriff’s Office; thankfully, the felony charge of child abuse went poof in the sheriff’s hands. He didn’t buy it. What sensible person not living in the alternative reality of the ROSSAC denizens would not have the same reaction?


Anonymous said...

They are all liars. Look up Kipley's criminal record. She was cited for watering during a drought or watering on days she wasn't supposed to.....people like that think they are above the law. She is no better than a criminal. Typical that the Hillsborough school district puts a criminal in charge of Professional Standards!

PRO On HCPS said...

Lee, I thought this may be of interest to you and your readers:

Wrightslaw - Letter to a Stranger:

"After reading this letter, a 'stranger' is likely to come to the conclusion you want, without your threating, demanding or spelling things out for him."