Saturday, January 31, 2009

If at First, You Don't Succeed...

Gloria Steinem and Lee in Houston in the early '70's at a national women's rights conference

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Dr. Smith:

The Florida Superintendents’ page lists you as president.

Two weeks ago, I addressed a request to the email listed on the site in which I asked for items of public information.

These were the following:

· A copy of Dr. Jim Hamilton’s contract for his position of lobbyist for the association;

· A copy of the ad that the association broadcast for the job opening and in which venues it appeared;

· The job applications of the people who applied for the job of lobbyist for the School Board Association.

· I asked in a follow-up to confirm to me whether the association were supported by tax funds and asked for

· A list of the federal grants the school board association has and the funding agencies.

I ask additionally for 1. the secretary’s notes on the discussion of the need for a lobbyist, 2. the needs study that the association did to confirm a need for this position, and 3. whether this vote for a lobbyist was by the assembly of members or whether others made it. If it were made by other than the assembly such as a committee, what were the people's names?

If the association runs on tax funds, it owes any citizen who asks for public information that specific information. It is not an optional duty to supply these data to a citizen. It is the law. The citizen, I suggest, also should have the courtesy of a prompt response that says the recipient has received the request for public information and should give the citizen an approximate time for its delivery.

Please provide the public data for which I am waiting. I will pay for the duplication. Thank you.

Lee Drury De Cesare

15316 Gulf Boulevard 802

Madeira Beach, FL 33708


Anonymous said...

These people are criminals! Imagine refusing to obey the law! And these are the people running the schools! Chills you right through the bone!

Anonymous said...

Indeed! I asked them to provide as public information the bank account details of everyone on the payroll, and they refused. The nerve of these lawbreakers astounds me!