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It's Only Taxpayers' Money

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The school district is constantly saying it has to cut the budget, but there is no hesitation in spending taxpayer dollars when the Superintendent wants to retaliate against someone.

Money for children or teachers? Hell no!

Money to burn and waste on a court case to retaliate against a teacher? Yes, as much as they have to spend all the way up to the Supreme Court.

What a bunch of hypocrites the school board members and the Superintendent are!

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The Erwin case cost the board hundreds of thousands of dollars. It never blinked. It wanted to defeat Mr. Erwin and fire him with no pension because he pointed out theft, waste, and malfeasance in the system. His chief tormentors were Lennard, Hamilton, and Davis.

When it comes to tormenting teachers and staff with legal annoyance, money is no object.

Erwin won his case, thank God, and got a settlement. He and his wife fled to Georgia because the ROSSAC fiends and board members had made him and his family suffer so badly. I got a letter from his wife saying they thanked those of us who protest the board's and administration's skullduggery.

I think that as long as we have life and limb and can drive our car into the ROSSAC parking lot, we should continue this mission.

Note that when it comes to blowing money on its frivolous travel that the board never thinks of the budget; nor does it consider the budget when raising Elia's bloated salary or signing off on things such as the $30- million-dollar Spring do-dad that the teachers did not know about even though they had to use it.

The board evidently didn't know about Ms. Elia's splurge either since April Griffin suggested a workshop when the teachers learned about the purchase and raised cain. If she had known about the purchase, she would have had sense enough to know a workshop after the fact would not help at all. The board members were too gutless to call Elia on this arrogance. After, all it's only taxpayers' money. lee

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Anonymous said...

We don't have to rehash how Elia gets more money for every child going into AP/advanced classes, and Spring Board is just a college prep type curriculum. So she is prepping ALL students to go into AP courses, so her bonus money goes sky high. Most CEOs would be fired for such conflict of interest.

Someone should also look in to see if Elia has invested in the SpringBoard. If so, she is making a profit that way too.

The school board is too ignorant to realize that this is a conflict of interest. They go along with it all, and they think they are doing a great job. In reality they have no financial management experience and they oversee millions of dollars. They should have a background in finance. But if you look at all the financial institutions in the U.S. right now, you see how they can't even manage their finances. I bet all of the head of these financial institutions are Republicans. They are greedy as hell and in the end they get theirs, but they take EVERYONE down with them too....that is the bad part.

It would be interesting to know what party each board member belongs to, since it is run so badly. Probably the majority are Republicans. Democrats would be making decisions for the children's sake.