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The Efficacy of Nagging

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There is little doubt that the arrogance and unchecked power of our school administrators and their legal council is the most abusive arena of fraud in our county. The rumor mill of "promotions by affairs" or "financial gain by wrong doing" has been rampant and frequently proven as truth. I know of a few myself.

Do you know Scott Deitche, the man who wrote "Cigar City Mafia"? I would love to see a book written in his style about the Hillsborough County School system. It would be a best seller, I am sure.

I personally believe that the school system is run by others that pull the strings of the "potted plants", as you call them. As you have written about before, the administrative positions are more about personal financial gain than professional education, in my humble opinion.

Richard Hancock

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I have just featured the neglect of these children in a post on my blog today. The trick is to keep complaining. It eventually pays off. I started protesting the arrest of prostitutes but not customers 40 years ago to City Council. The council members thought I was crazy. Anybody who protests villainy is crazy. They finally formed a prostitution committee to shut me up.

The rabbi on it got arrested for solicitation and fled with his wife to Miami. He has now come back to the area to retire. Meanwhile, I read the gladsome tidings that two of the legal priesthood have been arrested on Lois for solicitation. One is the son-in-law of Cile Essrig, former board member. We lived in the same neighborhood before my husband and I relocated to the beach after our children left home.

Cile's daughter, wife of this, lecher, is a judge. Poor Cile. First her husband went to jail for bank fraud; now this. She never did a thing on the school board but make eyes at Shelton, whose idea of reform was to put all the children in uniforms, not introduces Greek and Latin. ldd

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