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Community People Know a Lot More than I Do lee

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In this latest case she abuses her power in defense of Elia and Kurdell. Here is a brief review of Falieros indescretions:

1) As attested in Mr. Harts divorce deposition Ms. Faliero and Mark Hart had an affair while Jeniffer was on the board and Mark was the PIO for the school district. Some of these indiscretions ocurred while travelling on school district business.

2) She has willingly moved out of the district she represents in violation of state statute. When she got caught she initially lied, then quickly scampered back to her district.

3) While illegally residing outside of her district in South Tampa she caused a public panic in her neighborhood after making wild eyed and erroneous statements regarding a robbery of her husbands residence. The Tampa Police Chief had to hold townhall meetings to calm the public.

4) She leveled unfounded charges at a local newspaper editor. In this instance she claimed that this upstanding member of the community was trying to illegally purchase surplus school district property. These charges were investigated and determined to be baseless.

5) And lets not forget her first attack on Ms. Griffin. This ocurred mere days after Griffin delivered a scathing performance review of Elia. Given this weeks revelations, it is easy to understand she was again abusing her power to defend her friend Elia.

Why the long winded history review? To make a point. This woman has issues AND is severely compromised. She is morally and ethically bankrupt and very sick. She should not be leading this district as she is clearly incapable of taking responsibility for herself.

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Anonymous said...

This is tragic. It sounds like Faliero is a slutty whore. Her daughters will suffer from her divorce and will be slutty whores also, since most children soak up their parents' behaviors and repeat them. Poor things. Faliero may not be to blame. Maybe her mother was a slutty whore too.