Friday, October 24, 2008

Erwin's Betrayal by Bricklemeyer and Gonzalez

The Erwin Crucifixion continued

This communication below from Mr. Erwin shows how Bricklemeyer and Gonzalez betrayed him. He went to Ms. Bricklemeyer in the mistaken belief that she was ethical and cared that the crooks were robbing the school blind. She took him to Iago Gonzalez. He gave Gonzalez a statement (Gonzalez wanted to know the particulars of his case so as to warn his boss Lennard is my read.) Then Bricklemey and Gonzalez dumped him back into the clearing for the continuted torture by Lennard, Hamilton, and What's His Name.

Ms. Bricklemeyer went back to pretending she didn't know what was going on. Her playing dumb protected the complicit board and administration. It also gave her deniability.

Meanwhile, all Rossac personnel collaborated by sniffing the wind and getting the message that Erwin was a sacrificial lamb to the board and administration tolerance of corruption.


October 30, 2000

Mr. Tom Gonzalez

. General Director of Operations

I have come forward er the Whistle Blowers Act as per our discussion with Mrs.

Bricklemyer. This is my effort to assist in determining ifthere has been theft or mismanagement of Hillsborough District resources. Upon the insistence of my wife, I
did hire an attorney to review the documents that we have prepared. I have cancelled future appointments with my attorney and consulting attorneys. I can't afford them and it is my desire to work with the school system.

I do not want to drag this process out. The stress has created a serious health threat to me. I have received professional counseling and am under constant doctor's care taking prescription medication. Nothing bas worked to eliminate life threatening high blood pressure that I had not experienced before. I am also suffering financially.

My wife and son have been through many tough times in their lives. Nothing has had a more negative impact on their lives than what they see me going through at this time. Their health and happiness are being compromised. Many of my friends and colleagues are also suffering from stress as a result of their concern for my health and me.

It has been suggested to me many times that I should wear a bullet proofvest and never travel alone. I was offered such a vest by our Hillsborough District Security Department and I refused to wear it. I never had great fear until recently. I was given information that leads me to believe that bodily harm could come to my family and IDC.

As I have said before, I will be happy to take a lie detector test on any of the information that I have supplied. All I would ask is that any person whose name I've used be willing to do the same.


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The Special Ed Concierge said...

Keep it going Lee.

The "culture of retribution" or the "mindset of retaliation" must have been entrenched in keeping the status-quo of the local public education system.

The curtain of the "Great Oz" is falling. After all of these years, the one who is now in charge of the curtain strings is exposing the fallacy. Perhaps in time the "Great Oz" will be just a bad dream.

As a great singer once wrote: "The times, they are a' changing".

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