Monday, February 11, 2008

Tom, please consider this an official deposition. Speak directly into the mike and keep your voice down so as not to wake up the dog. lee

You said at the February 7th board meeting that Hillsborough County's Professional Standards office was "a model" for the rest of the state. Could you document that assertion with bibliography and footnotes and answer the following questions since you complained that we blog people never get things accurate?

1. Do the other envious
Florida schools Professional Standards offices yearn for a Professional Standards head who has a home-ec degree and can make b├ęchamel sauce without lumps?

2. Do they wish they possessed the sadism to make a teacher do sorting chores just as Linda Kipley did as she vacillated for days with aim of producing maximum anxiety in a teacher before Kipley would say the teacher’s time of punishment was up?

3. Do these admirers of
Hillsborough County’s Professional Standards “model” wish they could be cruel enough as was Kipley to deny a teacher trapped for not crossing a "t" on a field-trip application the right to attend her class's graduation exercises, which reduced her to tears since she loved her students?

4. Do they envy Ms. Kipley her anti-free speech crackdown of telling a teacher in Professional Standards lock-up that the teacher could not tell anyone outside about what she was undergoing on in Professional Standards Abu Ghraib?

5. Did you rubberstamp Elia's and Kipley's set-up of Bart Birdsall of Elia's doing her buddy Bean a favor by crushing a little worm of a media specialist who had the nerve to object to the county library's shutting down gay library rights a la Rhonda Storms?

2. Did La Kipley check out punishments with you and get your OK to proceed with police-dogs attacks, hoods, and teacher nude human pyramids if things weren’t ducky in Professional Standards with all targeted teachers in the throes of psychiatric angst?

3. Are you one of the stars of
Hillsborough County's Professional- Standards glory around the state? Could you provide us doubters with citations that laud you?

If you can't satisfy the above questions, can you just admit that you were blowing smoke at the school-board community-perception showdown?

Doing so might speed things up to the time that even brain-dead board planted pots see the handwriting of their demise on the wall unless they start serving teachers, students, and community instead of Elia and the administrative cartel.

lee drury de cesare

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Anonymous said...

Not bechamel sauce. She probably doesn't know what that is. She probably made hamburgers and hot dogs or pork chops.

This is a woman who would not be accepted in European circles or anything beyond middle class standards.