Monday, March 12, 2007

Yvonne and Jean,
I found this particular item in the teacher contract:


8.1.1 Whenever a complainnt is registered against a teacher without first going to the teacher involved, it shall be Board policy to notify the teacher immediately of the complaint. The following information shall be provided to the teacher:

A. Name of Complainant;
B. Description of allegation;
C. Remedy requested, if any.

I have asked Linda Kipley for the names of the people who complained about my media specialist folder emails. She claimed there were many complaints. I have asked her for the information, and she did not respond. So I am asking you both as CTA administration to get me this information.
I don't believe there were "many" complaints if any. I believe my school district email was locked up and Kipley went hunting for a technicality to pull me into her office and scare me about a newspaper article and the Joe Stines emails I wrote from my home AOL email address. That is my belief, so I believe I was singled out and there are no people who complained.
If there were people who complained, then she should have no problem providing the information, since the teacher contract states that I should get this info.
Thank you,

Bart Birdsall
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