Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Dr. Lamb:

I copied a section off the Susie Creamcheese blog's comment section (below). I want to know if the teachers have intellectual property rights in this action of the administration's appropriating their intellectual labors and distributing that product without the teachers' say so? If there is money involved in this intellectual property, is it due to the teachers?

Can you ask Mr. Gonzalez for an opinion?

Thank you.

lee drury de cesare

Maybe I was too busy cooking but I swear the board was bragging that the district level exams that are/were created and "tweaked" by teachers to comply with the Sunshine State Standards are being given away to the STATE and other districts!!! FREE!!!! The members appeared to be happy that these tests were requested. Your intellectual efforts should have value. If teachers wrote them, tested them, and tweaked them then they should have a price tag attached with the proceeds put into an salary account and given back to teachers.

We paid a boatload for CRISS training and materials which was nothing more than a collection of activities and strategies that every Masters of Reading candidate paid for at the university.

Ms. Olson wants to evaluate "programs" ostensibly to determine the program's effectiveness. Since we can't evaluate the "300 minute" plan, how about looking at data BEFORE a decision is made? Hey, USF! Hey, Tampa U.! How about a quid pro quo? We take enough of your ed interns, how about checking the research about our current dilemma. Can a teacher realistically be expected to perform all they are expected to perform 6 out of 7 periods a day - 5 days a week? Let the superintendent know. Let her know now. Answer completely and support your conclusions with valid research?

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