Monday, March 12, 2007

Dear Mr. Gonzalez:
I found this particular item in the teacher contract:


8.1.1 Whenever a complaint is registered against a teacher without first going to the teacher involved, it shall be Board policy to notify the teacher immediately of the complaint. The following information shall be provided to the teacher:

A. Name of Complainant;
B. Description of allegation;
C. Remedy requested, if any.

In the past I have asked Linda Kipley for the names of the people who complained about my media specialist folder emails. Once she found out that I knew her original reason for her investigation into my email (she said they clogged the system) was a lie, she changed her story and claimed there were many complaints. I have asked her for the information (who complained), and she did not respond. So I am asking you and CTA administration to get me this information.
I don't believe there were "many" complaints if any. Maybe there were, but I believe my school district email was locked up and Kipley went hunting for a technicality to pull me into her office and scare me about a newspaper article and the Joe Stines emails I wrote from my home AOL email address. That is my belief, so I believe I was singled out and there are no people who complained.
If there were people who complained, then she should have no problem providing the information, since the teacher contract states that I should get this info anyway. Please ask her to provide the names of the complainers and what they wanted to happen to me (as in the above A., B. and C. bulleted points above). Part of the reason I can not put this to rest is that I have NEVER gotten a straight answer from people about why I was investigated. That has created the feeling that there was a minor witch hunt. If there were indeed people who complained (other media specialists, I assume, who read my postings on the media specialist board), then maybe I would be able to accept that the investigation wasn't a sham investigation.
Elia has sent me an email stating that the district always investigates complaints about emails. I do not believe this. It may be true now, but it wasn't before, b/c Chuck Kiker of CTA told me at the time that he had never heard of anyone being investigated using his/her emails. I asked him why I was being singled out, and he seemed to think I was being singled out too, and I wonder if he brought this up to Kipley before I arrived for my meeting (he was in her office before I arrived), b/c she told me my emails were only found b/c they "clogged" the system. I remember thinking it odd that she brought this up, when I had not asked her for a reason originally.
According to the teacher contract I should be given the names of the people of the "many" complaints. I would like that. If Ms. Kipley can not produce the names, I would like to know why I was investigated then and I would like an apology, if she can not give a valid reason why I was investigated (something she has failed to do so far).

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