Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Reader Endorsement of Bartels

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Having worked for Bartel's, he is the ONE person who has been a successful classroom teacher, AP Student Affairs, AP for Curriculum, and then Principal. Two "A" schools attests to that.He has held his administration to levels of performance matching his own. Taking slackers thru the system - often times because other admins ignored them. He always supported his teachers. During the 6 of 7 furor, when a teacher asked him about going in front of the Board, he encouraged them to exercise their 1st Amendment rights. "Just get your facts straight and be logical", he told us. Ya gotta love it!I'm sure Stacey White is OK - but would you elect ME to the Board of Pharmacy review simply because I have filled a dozen prescriptions?I'm pulling for Bartels. He has earned my respect - and that ain't easy!

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Anonymous said...

Mr. Bartels has electronic reports problems. He has 11 anonomys contributions to his campaign..and two for contribution checks. I expect more expertise from a board candidate.

Dave Schmidt

Vox Populi said...

I see that anonymous stuff all the time on elected officials !! I see policemen hiding as salesmen