Sunday, October 24, 2010


Pants-on-Fire Griffin

Tom Marshall of the SPT cites School Board candidate April Griffin's lying tendency in a recent piece in the SPT. My husband cut it out for me and commented, "She's not a very good liar."

That's not because she hasn't practiced. I have written before about April's lies. She is dumb to lie to the press. It never forgets and never forgives.

I think April's worst lie involved her getting Elia to comb through an employee's file who had written a negative comment about Griffin on his blog so that she, April, could be revenged on him.

She lied to Marshall that "an informer" had called her about the employee's infraction of his stepson's authoring the blog for the emigrant program the guy worked for and the critical blogger's not reporting this fact to the personnel office. Hence, he had committed a "conflict-of-interst" booboo. That putative elf informer, I believe, was a cover-up lie. Instead of blasting the blog critic back in the comment section of his blog, Griffin petitioned Elia to demote the guy and reduce his pay. Just a breath away from petit Mafia status, Elia complied.

Yet Griffin claims to believe in free speech. No, she believes in sneaking around and using her insider position to get back at an employee who exercised his Constitutional right to critiqe an elected official.

What strikes me as vile citizenship is Marshall's reporting of Griffin's not paying her fees at HCC; these were extant when the college purged her from the rolls in '06. Yet she is still claiming to the press five years later that she is pursuing a degree currently. She was dumb enough to put that fib in her newspaper bio. The press can be lax, but occasionally it awakens to fact-check a candidate's claims. The SPT found that April was lying about pursuing a degree.

That nonpayment represents another of April's lies that steals from the public. HCC is a government-supported institution. So Griffin cheated the taxpayers by refusing to pay her fees at the college. These are the same taxpayers she begs to vote her into office again.

These evaded fees echo the sloppy ethical attitude that La Griffin displayed when she helped Elia to set up Alafia principal Smith with an empty job after the parents of Alafia children refused to suffer Smith as principal any longer. That fake job to shut up Smith costs taxpayers $70,000 a year in parallel principal's salary and includes in addition benefits for even more money from taxpayers for a nonperforming employee in a manufactured job that violated Title VII's requirement to advertise all jobs so that all interested applicants could apply. There was no advertising of this scam job, of course, for a principal who should have been fired.

The rubberstamping of this fake job for a failed principal because the board never fires an administrator, no matter the defection, stands in contrast to the board's stamping hither and yon "We are an equal-employment-opportunity employer."

That waste of tax money to bribe a principal to be quiet about her move from principalship to an empty chair is something Griffin endorsed and helped Elia to set up by visiting Smith with Motel Breath Jennifer Falliero to wheedle Smith into accepting the fake job for her resigning as Alafia principal so as to quiet the press attention to the matter. Such ethics as Griffin displayed in convincing Smith to swap a scam job for her resignation as preincipal of Alafia make Board Candidate Griffin a financial hazard to taxpayers whom they should turn out of office so that she can attend school fulltime to get her elusive degree.

Griffin has an opponent in this election named, I think, Sue. I hope Sue beats her: April squanders tax money in both her private life--fees to a public institution that she did not pay-- and also in her public life--scamming taxpayers by assisting Ms. Elia in putting on the books a fake job for the failed principal Smith, who should have been fired. Griffin also violated the Title VII federal laws that she swore to uphold when she took the oath of office.

Griffin does not deserve another term. I hope Sue wins.


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