Friday, May 28, 2010

Those NYT Pretentious Movie Reviewer Boys Give Me a Pain: Let Me Leave Off Kicking the School Board Long Enough to Whack One of Them

MANOHLA DARGIS: Big NYT City-boy Reviewer:

Regarding your review today of Prince of Persia:

You are just jealous of Jake's pecs.

You are probabaly a pile of mush from all those NY Rueban sandwiches and potato salads for lunch that NY men dote on to their bodies' downfall.

Your reviews show that you can never resist being a smart aleck when something like this picture pops up as an antidote to the auteur flicks you dote on made in France and shown in NYC art houses with ten people in the audience.

This gratefully gaudy picture will make a big splash down here in the aesthetic badlands, where the main attraction most days is tractor pulls.

I am going to make my old man take me to it. I make a habit of going to anything condemned by y'all smart-ass city boys. What you spoof is inevitablly an aesthetic experience for those of us with real-life points of view.

This Prince picture is what most of the country calls a good movie. If you want to read A La Recherche du Temps Perdu and sigh over art films, go for it. But get off that movie beat at the NYT. You lack the temperament and the pecs for the job.

A long-time reader onto your tricks, sirrah.

(Ms.) Lee Drury De Cesare

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