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Some Background on Candy Olson's Footdragging on the Bullying Situation

I got Bart Birdsall's ok to file his email below. Bart watched the schools evade a bullying policy for years. He and his friend Jane, who had a gay son in the schools, chased after all the board members to get a bullying policy. All gave them the runaround. I once chased down Dr. Lennard at a political event and pledged him to instituting a bullyng policy to protect gay children, some of whom came to Bart and told him they wanted to commit suicide because of the gay bullying they experienced in school. Lennard said he would see about such a policy. He lied, of course.

Now that the state has trumped this conduct with the state bullying law HB 669. Candy Olson had Tom Gonzalez issue an interpretation of it from the desk that said it covered only students, not teachers or staff. Gonzalez will say a law means anything the board wants it to say to keep his obscene $275,000 salary. Olson is a big fan of Linda Kipley, who heads the Professional Standards office and helps Ms. Elia cook up charges against any teacher who hints at speaking out about things wrong with the schools. Olson does not want teachers to have an anti-bullying law to protect themselves from the vile use made by the board and administration of the Public Affairs office charges to keep teachers in line. lee

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Can I put this email on my blog? I haven't heard from the challengers whom I sent the last blog entry too. They are probably hiding out because it scared them. lee

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Rose Ferlita worked on this. The school board was dragging its feet, so Rose went ahead and spearheaded an anti-bullying program for the county because of the Walker Middle School incident. Sad, isn't it? It takes someone who is not in the schools to get something started. The school board should have acted on bullying issues way before the Walker incident. Rose Ferlita is the only Republican that I have voted for in my life, because the Republican agenda is way too white trash for me to give my votes to......I vote all Democrat, Democrat, Democrat. I want my taxes going to art, museums, music, etc. not war or anything vulgar. But I make an exception for Rose Ferlita. I think she is a good woman.

It is a crying shame that I told all the school board members for years to take bullying issues seriously, and back when I was on an Anti-Bullying Committee, everyone wanted to discuss mottos, logos, buying pencils to hand out to students. I thought I was in the Twilight Zone. As soon as I started getting the large group to agree to helping gay students, suddenly I was put on a smaller committee with Candy Olson to "contain" me, I believe. They took me away from the bigger group, because I was convincing the larger group that something needed to be done. This is why I can not stand Candy Olson. I believe in my heart she was in on this dirty trick.

Then, years later, what I predicted came true, and only Rose Ferlita speaks up after the Walker Middle incident. It took a County Commissioner (who could have easily shrugged this issue off on the school district and washed her hands of it) to get something done about this.

Too bad Rose isn't on the school board. She would kick them into action instead of lethargy.



May 20, 2010

County's Bully Busters Program Wins National Award

Hillsborough County Criminal Justice Office is pleased to announce that its Bully Busters initiative has received national recognition from the National Association of County Information Officers.

The program won a Superior for its comprehensive public awareness campaign to bring attention to the problem of bullying; educate the public; encourage reporting bullying behavior; and promote a zero-tolerance attitude toward bullying in Hillsborough County.

Last month, Bully Busters was featured in the National Association of Counties. (NACo) County News newsletter as a national leader in the effort to stem youth bullying. The Bully Busters program and the Anti-Bullying Advisory Committee were both created by Hillsborough County Commissioner Rose Ferlita last August after news broke of an alleged sexual assault at Walker Middle School.

Bully Busters is completely funded with grants and donations, including $50,000 provided by the Sheriff's Office. Bully Busters is a joint effort with the County, the County's Criminal Justice Liaison, Children's Services, the Sheriff's Office, and Crime Stoppers of Tampa Bay to battle bullying in Hillsborough County.

The awards will be formally presented during the National Association of County Information Officers conference in July.

For more information, contact Carol Michel, Community Relations Coordinator, at (813) 276-2033.

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Vox Populi said...

Bart, you're quite a guy. I have heard many good things about rose ferlita. The one thing that sets my teeth on edge about her was the bulldozed homes in seminole heights where she is DIRECTLY quoted saying that these folks had "overstayed their welcome." IN THEIR OWN HOMES, mind you. So ... I am glad that Rose will stick her foot in the door in some circumstances. What does a hateful bitch like candy olson want with the school board? One can only conjecture that it is something sinister. She should go work at Sears in the shoe dept. I would go in every day and have her fit me for twenty pairs of shoes. Maybe the toe cracker could get on with her. I keep looking for a place for him to go ..... besides yknow HELL.
When can we use part of that fifty G to get a bullying charge filed against Elia??? If not then it's selective.