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Never Underestimate a Member of the Valkyrie Black Belt Ta-Tarinies

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Her Marbles Keep Falling Out

Lee Decesare, the priggish Pinellas popinjay maintains her status as the district’s chief pain in the patoot.

Recently, she requested the entire email history of Linda Kipley, MaryEllen Elia, and Don Quixote

Decesare is still steamed that Sam Erwin( aka Doug Erwin) was screwed by the district, that Jim Hamilton is paid as a part-time lobbyist for the district, that Ms. Elia does not have a doctorate, and that Martians haven’t show her much interest.

The district’s response…a great one….is, “We’ll be happy to comply with your request. Simply be prepared to pay the costs of all staff salaries, benefits, and office supplies as a result of your requests.”

Freedom of information ain’t cheap.

I will admit that Ms. Decesare has one redeeming value: We can all use her as a benchmark for our own sanity. If you think her thoughts have value, you probably have canaries leaking out of your birdcage.

Somebody once wrote that my rantings here are similar to hers. Well, no. First, she has much more energy than me. If I write five words, she’ll write five hundred. Second, I’ve never addressed a school board meeting flashing my ta-tas.

Mr. Shultz, on my first visit to your blog after defending your free-speech rights today at the board meeting, I find that I am the subject of a keen piece knocking me to hell and back.

Crude but lively, sir.

Pray allow me to respond.

I take exception to nothing except the questionable diction of your last paragraph. What, pray, is standard English for "ta-tas," as in "flashing ...[her-De Cesare's ] ta-tas" at a board meeting?

If "ta-tas" mean "breasts," then I must say you are not a gentleman. No gentleman refers to a woman's ta-tas if she has passed her seventieth year. I have.

That ta-ta term of denigration of women's breasts bespeaks obsession, ingratitude, and sexism.

Had not women in the Darwinian stream of humanity in the descent of the species offered their prehistoric ta-tas to the babies, none of us would be here today.

Men are markedly ambivalent about ta-tas.In fact, men's obsession with ta-tas has made ta-tas front and center in all pornography publications, a billion-dollar industry consumed by mixed-up men who both jeer at and worship women's ta-tas.

Another dimension of the ta-ta locution involves its leering sexism. When men are not staring at women's ta-tas, they are jeering at us of the ta-ta phylum for our supposed ta-ta-related frailties.

We radical feminists of the ta-ta sisterhood, however, don't stand mute at insults to our sex's anatomy and physiology.

We riposte.

A guy using the ta-ta putdown is likely get the sneer from us ta-taettes that he is one of the stuffed-crotch brigands who parade around macho poseur such as President Bush did in his stuffed-crotch pilot outfit on the deck of the ship when he announced that shock and awe and magnificent stuffed-crotch offense had won the Iraq war in 24 hours several years ago. We are still there, however, with stuffed-crotch padding littering the Iraqi streets.

Women also speculate in the beauty parlor about which guys are on IV Viagra and which are Viagra-lozenge suckers 24-7. These are the guys who perpetually intone, "Baby, baby, don't get hooked on me." Such fakers do not get good press in the beauty parlor. They get hoots and peals of soprano laughter.

We women are also likely to post on powder room walls the lousy skills of the ta-ta name callers in bed or sell the occasional ejaculatio praecox story to the National Inquirer.

One of Jesse James's strip-club paramours said that very thing about the old bloviator: that he is a dud in bed. One is sure it crushed him. Men can't hold up their heads or anything else when women out their sexual inadequacies. That would be women with ta-tas we're talking about. Along with ta-tas goes a reliable talent for viciousness. Ask any biogenicist.

I want to make the acquaintance of that young woman with the splendid ta-tas that could feed sextuplets who dissed Jesse James's in-bed maneuvers. I shall nominate her for a Nobel in putting the old stuffed-crotch poseur to shame.

"Well done, my dear, " I shall say. "Keep up the good work until men learn to treat women as human beings and stop reducing them to their secondary sexual characteristics such as the bearers of ta-tas."

One notes from skimming your blog that only two board members get your wrath: Valdes and Griffith. The others are swell in your book. That review shows that you lack depth of analytic probity--probably because you can't keep your mind off ta-tas. Kurdell and Olson are paragons in your book. Not mine. They both participated in or covered up the thuggery in which the board and administration tried to fire Mr. Erwin because he discovered ROSSAC graft and theft. These fiends also schemed to deprive him of his pension, but they are just swell according to you. Your head's messed up if you think so. That's the fate of men with ta-ta fetishism: their synapses burn out on them.

Hail and farewell, Mr. Schmidt. I wish you well in your partial board attacks. All of the board members and upper administration need a thrashing in my view and then a kicking out.

None of the board members deserve re-election. They run the schools like a small-time crime syndicate in the Bronx.

If you have any quarrel with the comments in this missive, pray meet me in the parking lot--any parking lot--and I will clean your clock, sir. Some of us elderly ta-ta carriers are black-belt Valkyries.

Have a nice day.

lee Ta-Ta de cesare


admin said...

Ms. Decesare: If you ever saw the move "An Officer and a Gentleman," you would understand the term "Bodacious Tatas."

For a Seventy something year old, I'd day that a compliment.

I'd also say, when you address the school board, keep your tatas in check. :-)

No offense, Mrs. Decesare....but I have no doubt kick my ass in any fight.

I also hear you defended me at yesterday's school board meeting.

Many,Many Thanks!

Dave Schmidt

Vox Populi said...

LMAO !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I could have seen that coming. Lee, he's trying to build traffic to his blog by picking a fight with you and getting his boring thing off the ground. It's a well-known tactic in blogland.

I haven't heard WORD ONE about your ta tas. Just about your FABULOUS LEGS. Do you think that Dave Schmidt is John_D oobee??
The style is eerily similar and .... john_d has fallen silent. People think it's easy to fake a personality but the truth is that it's time-consuming and tirint. Of course, Schmidt has a GREAT DEAL of time on his hands after he draws pictures of buses and lines to and fro because there are MANY BUSSTOPS in a hood close to TWO NOT ONE BUT TWO sexual predators. Numerous calls to the school bus denizens have not changed this. NOW WE KNOW WHY. He's too busy blogging. Awww, he thought he tricked you. But, my GOD ... he has really asked for it.
Just don't let him waste your time. He's their new weapon because you are ACTUALLY GETTING SOMEWHERE.
First they ignore you, then they ridicule you, then they fight you, then you win. by Mahatma Gandhi

Go stuff it in your ear, BIG DAVE.
Is your middle name John ???? Or your first name??? As in John_D. He's jealous. You have an actual grasp on the English language. Poor Dave. Wrong battle to choose.
Makes me laugh. LAUGH LAUGH.

Vox Populi said...

Lee, I don't see that post on the Hills Board. Do you suppose that someone hijinxed us both??

Vox Populi said...

it kinda IS a compliment just to the wrong woman.

Vox Populi said...

Lee, no doubt you could kick his ass in any fight. He's a bit uncouth. Can I referee?? I'll be fair and honest and I'll not mind if ta tas are shown.

Vox Populi said...

Why wasn't he at the board meeting? Did they fix his schedule so he could never attend one ?? I don't doubt that. I would take personal hours to be there if I were him. I want to be there !!! I think that THIS semester I can be. Oh fun will be had by all.

John__D said...

Vox, if it were me, I would address (at least) the following:

'If "ta-tas" mean "breasts," ...'

You mean "means".

'None of the board members deserve re-election.'

"None" is singular; "deserves".

And who is "Griffith"?

Tell her, Lee.

I find it strangely hypocritical that drawing attention to a woman's breasts is a terribly sexist thing to do, yet no one has a problem with legs. Do explain.

And if you can't pick the difference in our writing styles, you're not paying much attention.

But then, you never did! And your commenting on someone's ability to write is akin to Tiger Woods's giving advice on fidelity.

twinkobie said...

From: John__D []
Sent: Sunday, April 04, 2010 7:41 AM
Subject: [Lee Drury De Cesare's Casting-Room Couch] New comment on Never Underestimate a Member of the Valkyrie Black....

John__D has left a new comment on your post "Never Underestimate a Member of the Valkyrie Black...":

Vox, if it were me, I would address (at least) the following:

"If were I": Use the predicate nominative after a linking verb.lee

'If "ta-tas" mean "breasts," ...'

You mean "means".

I yield to your good eye on this one, John: I use the plural "ta-tas" as a word, not as the plural; so you are right that the verb should be singular. Sharp, John.

'None of the board members deserve re-election.'

"None" is singular; "deserves".

No, "none," "more," "most," and "any" can be singular or plural depending on context. I use "none" as a singular here: "none" meaning "not one." So the verb is singular. Put the period inside the quotation marks at the end unless you are writing in a British country. In America, it's period and comma always inside quotation marks.lee

And who is "Griffith"?

Did I use "Griffith"? One of my worst faults is the inability to recall names. But because I know it makes people crazy to mess up their name in any way because it attacks their self-image, I have been known to deliberately misspell an name to wound an enemy. This is just one of the tricks that I learned from Uncle Freud. lee

Tell her, Lee.

We have missed you, John. I thought you had graduated from Gainesville and gone on to graduate school. I root for your winning a Nobel one day.lee

And the world can see that you have a big crush on Vox. Confess to it, lee

I find it strangely hypocritical that drawing attention to a woman's breasts is a terribly sexist thing to do, yet no one has a problem with legs. Do explain.

And if you can't pick the difference in our writing styles, you're not paying much attention.

But then, you never did! And your commenting on someone's ability to write is akin to Tiger Woods's giving advice on fidelity.

Publish this comment.

Reject this comment.

Moderate comments for this blog.

Posted by John__D to Lee Drury De Cesare's Casting-Room Couch at 4:40 AM

John__D said...

>No, "none," "more," "most," and "any" can be singular or plural depending on context. I use "none" as a singular here: "none" meaning "not one." So the verb is singular.<

Come on, Lee! I was waiting for you to justify the use of "none" as plural, and then you agreed you used it as singular. As I wrote, the verb "deserves" is singular.

I know it's confusing when the singular verb ends with an "s", but do try to keep up!

Legs versus tatas; any takers?

John__D said...

No takers. None, not one (singular).